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Day 5, Today is an Art and Snow Day

Today started nicely, waking up and saying morning to hubby, realising I had overslept, but that’s OK its a bank holiday and we can relax for the last day before he goes back to working from home tomorrow. Off he goes to make the coffee and pretty soon the unexpected chaos of the morning begins! …


Happy Chocolate Day!

It’s Sunday 4th April 2021, Easter Sunday and the sun has been shining all day here in our part of the UK. I woke up in a blind panic overnight, “Oh no what will I blog about today? Why have I signed myself up for this challenge? I never have anything to say!”. I did …


Postcards for my Friends and the Impostor

It’s day 3 for Effy’s blog along and I’m really enjoying this, it’s making me get out of my comfort zone and really think about what I am doing and what I want from my blog! Today it’s about Happy Mail. Last night I wanted to do some watercolour work – it’s my first art …