Barn Owl

This species of owl is 36cm tall and has a wingspan of between 80-95cm. The barn owls mainly eat field voles, but they will also eat bank voles, shrews, mice, rats and small birds. they live for 20 – 25 years. The barn owl is very recognisable, with a white, round-ish face with brown wings. The female barn owl is the same, but has a darker shade of brown and has black spots.

2 little barn owls!

The reason that I have gone for this owl is because, when I was younger, I went on a school trip, and I held a barn owl on my arm. Ever since, I have loved all kinds of owls. I personally think that they are absolutely beautiful and majestic creatures.

Let me know what your favorite owl is in the comments and the most common one will be the one I do in my next post!

7 thoughts on “Barn Owl

  1. Wow that’s a major experience! We used to sponsor a giant grey owl in an owl sanctuary, I can’t remember the species but it was VERY big! I know it’s name was Taiga! We had an owl here last year. The dog refused to go to sleep, and we couldn’t because the noise was so loud! The barn owl is fabulous!

    1. the species that you are talking about might be a great grey owl. They do get at least 2 foot tall. I really like the name for the owl as well. When I finished the post about the barn owl, I was quite pleased with it.

      1. Oh yes! That’s what it was! Thanks! I’ve been trying to think what it was, and yes it was around 2ft tall, actually quite a prescience! This was an excellent post with information I didn’t know. Thanks:)

  2. Very nice article Owlsowner.
    We have a zoo in the village where we have a brother and sister pair of Great Greys called ‘Odin & Ayesha’, a Snowy (don’t know the name but this is a Vulnerable breed) and a Barn Owl called ‘Dusky’
    Here is a link.
    It says not secure but it seems fine as I go on it quite a bit and have never had a problem.


  3. I have to say I think all owls are pretty amazing but my current favourite is the long eared although if you asked me tomorrow it would probably be something different

  4. I love all kinds of owls, but especially the ones I can hear – I think they’re screech owls – that live near me.

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