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A Day of Art!

Well after the buzz of creating a blog post every day in September, which rolled into losing my Instagram account and also our son getting Covid at the beginning of October, meaning he was being home-schooled for 10 days, I have had a lot of time NOT arting. So yesterday when everyone left the house… Continue reading A Day of Art!

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Day 15 – Sleep deprived crazy

Today started well, despite a rubbish nights sleep (no idea what was wrong but don’t you just love the peri-menopausal leg twitch and wide awake-ness when you just want to be asleep!) Anyway despite not being awake, I managed to tease the daughter enough to get a FacePalm and eyeroll and the announcement that I… Continue reading Day 15 – Sleep deprived crazy

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Day 10, #100dayproject completed!

Day 10, and I am so happy to say that without really trying I have actually completed a 100 day project. I didn’t follow a particular theme or thread, just “I will do something every day for 100 days, and hopefully will post it to Instagram” so what did I do? #journallingjanuary was hosted by… Continue reading Day 10, #100dayproject completed!