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A Day of Art!

Well after the buzz of creating a blog post every day in September, which rolled into losing my Instagram account and also our son getting Covid at the beginning of October, meaning he was being home-schooled for 10 days, I have had a lot of time NOT arting. So yesterday when everyone left the house to go back to school and work – I was in the house alone, for the first time and I took the day to calm down and make it all about ME.

Homeschooling, was for the most part OK. He did achieve all lessons and even got some positive points (reward system) from some of his teachers for his efforts whilst being ill. We also had a couple of days where we worked on Art lessons. We made a Green Man and we made a Watercolour picture based on one point perspective. He worked hard, learnt a lot and went back to school in a good place, and even ahead in a couple of subjects!

So what did I do yesterday? I spent a lot of the time catching up on the Lifebook Taster session that I had signed up for. I know I am not going to buy the course, I just cant justify it again this year, but the Taster sessions are free, and only available for 2 weeks and I really wanted to have a go at some of them.

So here is what I achieved yesterday

The Art Sherpa, For this I printed the reference onto watercolour paper, then used Royal Talens Ecoline liquid watercolour.

The Rainbow Cow
The Rainbow Cow, Tutorial by The Art Sherpa

Eris Klein Taught me to use the page and watercolour intuitively to build up an image. This again was using the Ecoline watercolours, and then I added some Pan watercolours and Gelly Roll Pen marks to fill in the image as it felt right for me.

Eris Klein
Eris Klein

Toni Burt Taught us to make a “quirky bird2 using just a pencil and a couple of watercolours. Again being very loose and intuitve with the marks.

Toni Burt Quirky Bird
Toni Burt Quirky Bird

Olga Nguyen, I’m not going to lie, this one I didn’t really “try” with. I didn’t listen to the meditation, and I didn’t engage with the “reason” for this, but I watched the video on silent, and just “followed” the process. For me I have taken it as an exercise in mark making.

Olga Nugyen
Olga Nguyen

Kate CraneWanderlust – This class was all about using complementary colours and creating a page talking about our “haven”.

Some other art completed since last blog post

Collage fodder, This is just one image for all the fodder I have made. I made flowers and leaves on watercolour paper, let it dry, draw around it and cut it out. I also made “painted pages” lots of sheets of A4 papers and added acrylics in complementary colours that can be cut about and / or used as journal pages. I also then spent a couple of hours ion front of the TV last night making and cutting a load more flowers! This is part of the Fodder School from Willa Wanders / Tiffany Sharpe

Collage Fodder
Collage Fodder

Karen Campbell, you all know how much I love working on Karens classes, well here are two of the latest offerings from her I have completed.

College Course Update

I couldn’t attend my college course last week because of our son being ill. I received the class notes and homework via email, and had to work through it alone. It was such a shame because I really wanted to attend that class as it was going to be all about learning to paint in the style of Van Gogh. So I had to find some online help to actually learn about him, and his paint style. But I achieved it and here are two pieces I have done, as a study of his work.

I know this was a long post, and I apologise,. I had a lot to say 🙂 If you got this far, I Thank You !

I shall see you again in the next post. Stay Safe, happy arting

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are my own. I paid for the products discussed, I received no payment and I am not affiliated in any way with any brand mentioned herein.

7 thoughts on “A Day of Art!

  1. I absolutely Love this post. I’ve not done nearly 1/10 of the classes that I signed up for this year. All the reasons. I’m so happy you did the Taster and WOW are you amazingly talented, as is your son – his Green Man is Amazing (so is yours). I’m glad he’s better and you could focus on you! Everything you did is Gold! The Diva, Lurch, the flowers. I am so inspired! I couldn’t Art today because of all the reasons and tomorrow is the same. But dang it!! I’m bookmarking your post to remind me how fun it is!

  2. They are all awesome – I loved doing Kate’s class on Wanderlust but refrained from joining up for the Taster classes as I just don’t have time for all the others as it is. Love seeing what you do with all the classes. xoxo

  3. Oh you’re blog is NOT too long. I so enjoyed your art but I was thinking my goodness look how busy you were. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your art. Keep posting. I’m glad your son is well now.

  4. Wow you were busy! I’m loving all that you’ve done! Especially the Kate Crane section though you did brilliantly on all of it! I hope your son is ok now. Cheryl x

  5. It was awesome to see what you’re busy on! I love how the art classes are going and can’t wait to see the next update! Also you did so many taster sessions, wow! I like the collage fodder a lot, did you use a scalpel to cut out all those pieces? I hope your son feels much better and that you’re doing well too.

    1. Hi, and thank you for reading, it’s been an age since I have been able to blog, our son is well and truly over the dreaded illness, we all thank our lucky stars for that. Class is busy busy, I plan to do a round up asap of all I’ve done in the 9 weeks. It’s been awesome! Fodder…. Scissors and scalpel yes 🙂 I have two journals worth so far.

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