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Last day, but not the last blog!

I have absolutely loved being a part of the blog along hosted by Effy. Its been great to catch up with friends from the previous blog, and make new friends on this one. The last week has slowed my ability to participate, however I shall stay with the group and catch up on as many posts as I can, and remain reading them in the future.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that has read the blog, contributed to it and laterly followed me on my new Instagram account.

Today has been a full on 1-2-1 homeschooling session. We have had a hit and miss day of achievements. I really enjoyed the music lesson, where we had to find two differing pieces of music and assess them. I chose the first Genre “Rock” and he chose the second Genre “Techno”.

Don McLean – American Pie
Techno is Fantasy, by Techno, Written by Ron Pik

I admit that my choice is a classic, and he really should (and did) know and like it because we play it often enough! However he chose Techno, its a genre we don’t listen to (and apparently with good reason!) However the piece we happened upon wasn’t actually all that bad.

We also had a science lesson on Magnetic fields and Static Electricity. An interesting lesson, that perhaps could have gone better.

French today was a partial success where we had to learn about reading books, and learning opinions. Honestly, this lesson could have gone better, but it could have been a lot worse!! I do very much accept I am NOT a teacher and so this does not come easily to me.

School finished at 3 pm, it couldnt have come soon enough, he went to his room and I went to my art desk. I lost myself in an art tutorial from Karen Campbell. She is doing a week long (paid) class learning to upcycle a record cover with her “hotdog” system of layering mixed media to produce an Art Deco Diva. I’ve been so excited to do this course, and this week has left me feeling completely uninspired to do anything. Even writing the blog has been something I haven’t wanted to do.

Well, I’m signing off from this month long blog. I have enjoyed it, its gone in directions I didn’t expect. I hope to get back to being more “arty” within my writings going forward. I shall be aiming to blog once a week. Maybe more if I have something exciting to tell you.

So, thank you everyone, its been a blast.


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