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Oh gosh who knew that rebuilding your social media life could be so much hard work!

I have completely lost my whole Instagram art account. Nothing I have tried has got me my account back. Instagram are ignoring all and every request for help. They have not made any contact via email at all. I can go through 2 step verification but then get told the account is disabled, still with no email! So I have decided that to calm my growing angst, I would have to bite the bullet and start again. That wont be so hard right…? WRONG!

I had not realised how much I had linked with Instagram, and not only that how many passwords I would have to reset in order to manage everything. So in amongst a full day of homeschooling I have been rebuilding my art IG account, and therefore life!!!!

So here we are, my new Instagram account

Donna_Creative_Space Please, if you liked my account before, and you want to keep seeing my stuff, please come and follow me, I will follow you back. I have to rebuild the community.

Todays home schooling was all about Science. so I am better aware of Static Electricity and German Vocab… Ich habe Pizza gegessen. (although I didn’t I actually made egg free Kedgeree!)

neon light of plasma ball in darkness
Photo by Nothing Ahead on Pexels.com

Oh and to top it all off, I ended up power-washing my tablet as that seemed to be causing problems too.. so now I need to reset that as well!

I really need to catch up on the blogs now, I am two days behind with my commenting. So watch out ladies I am on my way!


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  1. How awful!! I’m sorry you’ve been having to deal with this.
    So frustrating!!

  2. That’s the thing about social media, if you aren’t paying them for anything, it’s very difficult to get a response from them. If you were paying them/FB for ads, they would be eager to help you.

  3. Sue Blott says:

    Oh my heart goes out to you. I’ve followed you on your new account.That’s awful and scary. My computer was hacked once and I lost all my writing. To this day I can’t even fully comprehend how much I lost. I’m glad you could recreate it even if it took so long and i hope instagram will get in touch and help.

  4. Rebuilding IG sounds super stressful and draining! I’ve followed along. Good luck.

  5. Oh that is terrible that Instagram isn’t even communicating with you. I had my account hacked too. After that I basically lost interest but you had all that art on it and gosh I am so sorry. I will follow you but I don’t use my account much.
    How did you power wash your tablet???

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