Tuesday 28th

I am a day late writing this, I am sorry, it has totally been one of those weeks.

Our son is now homeschooling. All our appointments for the next 10 days have been cancelled, and we are able to send him back to school (hopefully!) next Wednesday.

Yesterday was all about getting him back on track for homeschooling. He isn’t well, so its a struggle, but he does need to do his best to keep on-track with his lessons.

His symptoms are mainly a cough. His temperature has gone back down to normal. And to be honest if we didn’t know otherwise we would just assume he had a cold.

I had to pop out, so to avoid fuel related issues, I walked, got what I needed from the chemist and got back again. The sun was shining but it was a little chilly.

I tried getting some art done. I failed. I have signed up for the Lifebook taster 2 weeks. so far all I have achieved is to watch Kim Dellow‘s session and was able to doodle some marks on a couple of watercolour sheets. And that’s it!

Mark Making doodles

I sat on the sofa last night, exhausted, and picked up colouring pencils and a colouring book and made a flower have colour! We watched The Great British Bake Off and S.W.A.T.

Well after that I was hoping for a good nights sleep….


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  1. Get well wishes to your son, and I do hope you were able to get some good sleep.
    I’ve also signed up for the taster. I haven’t had a chance to dive in yet.
    I love the doodle you made.

  2. Susan Renshaw says:

    Best wishes to your son – and the rest of the family!
    I too signed up for the taster fortnight – So far I have watched a couple of videos and done nothing!

  3. Hope your son is feeling better and you have had a good night’s sleep Donna. Don’t stress about the art or lack of it, it will still be there, when you have time to enjoy it, Elle

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