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February 2021 Lettering Challenge

I have decided to take part in a lettering challenge this month. Its been ages since I have done any “real” lettering, so I am going to take it as a beginner challenge. I think I will use it as a time to play with all my supplies and just create a page related to the quote.

The challenge is hosted on Instagram by Emma and its for 30 days Lettersinmystyle I’m only 3 days in so far and it really making me think and challenging me to come up with a design not just words.

I would love to really get into this and learn to use modern calligraphy, faux calligraphy, lettering etc. well to be honest it would be nice to know what its called! I would also love to be able to do “official” calligraphy, but got to start somewhere.

I shall be posting on my Instagram page whenever I complete a day.

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