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Day 22 Time to Escape

I really am amazed that I have managed to keep this going for 22 days. Its a big ask every day to read and comment on other blogs and to then also write my own, and to have something interesting to say. I do wonder what will happen at the end of the month. Will I carry on reading other blogs, will I carry on writing my own. I try to read everyone’s pages, but there are so many its not possible. I do accept that’s why Effy tells you to limit it to just 3 blogs, but there are so many interesting people on the blog along I want to follow them all!

Some websites are easier to comment on than others, I have had to create many accounts on many blog sites just to comment and some (WIX I am looking at you here) I have had to install the app so I can comment as doing it via the web page fails every time, seeing the comments from other bloggers I am not alone in this issue. The positive side to this is as long as I have worked out how to follow a blog, they are all there in the app and I can go to them easily. Googles’ own Blogger is a good web based blog system, but you need an account, and as soon as you signup it wants you to write a blog. The Blogger app is awful and only good for the writer not the follower, so I have to remember to go to the blogger link via the Google Chrome link and find anyone on my reading list.. not very intuitive. The best I have found so far is the WordPress app, its so easy to follow blogs via web pages and comment via the app and you get notifications of new comments, posts, likes etc – well as long as you have an account and are signed in. All this is mute at the moment where we are posting in the FB group – but I want longevity of this so I am trying to work my way through the issues.

Anyway, enough moaning – here is my art journal page for today.

Today I decided to go a little different and do a cut about page, almost a mini journal within a journal. It has a cover, a middle section with a cut about page and a final page. I guess my inspiration has come from something I saw ages ago by the artist Denise Lush this is my version today, its been building a while in my head. I had a need for blues today, the image of the lady is a photocopy of an image from an old CALM magazine. I brayered the pages with 3 blues and a white acrylic paint, then I collaged various papers and cut outs, some from collage paper I’ve previously downloaded and the little flowers are mine that I drew and cut out and added some watercolour, I also added some fabric scraps as it just felt it needed it. I found some quotes that spoke to me today, in searching for inspiration I have found the poet Alexandra Vasiliu I wanted to fill the pages with her poetry, maybe one day I will, she writes some beautiful stuff. I used one quote from her, and one from Maya Angelou

art journal page 1
art journal page 1
art journal page 2
art journal page 2
art journal page 3
art journal page 3

Well I think I have had quite a productive morning so far, I can smell the bread is finished baking, the slow cooker is bubbling away for tonights meal, hubby has been on a zoom call all morning so I have had time to play in the journal and write the blog and its only 11:30 am. I think I will publish this for today, maybe it means I will have more to talk about tomorrow!

Enjoy your day

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6 thoughts on “Day 22 Time to Escape

  1. Love the blues and purples in your art pages! I am SO enjoying this blog challenge. Getting to know other bloggers and also having people read my posts has been so rewarding. It’s like having a community and I have loved it!

  2. I love love love your pages. And I get you on the frustration with commenting on all the different platforms. Too many options, too many passwords, too many emails. Ugh.

    But, I love the community that grows up around a thing like this, so I persevere. <3

  3. I love your journal pages! My technical issues with blogging have been less than stellar as well, I feel you.

  4. I agree with all you’ve said about the various blogging platforms:) I love the quotes on your pages, and the colours! I need to do more in my art journal!

  5. Love your pages. Blues and purples are my go to colors.
    I feel ya on the tech issues. I only use blogger and Word Press via my PC and not the apps. Sounds like maybe that’s a good thing. Blogger changed their editor but it’s still easy to use. I don’t like the change to WP editor and without a paid account I’m stuck it seems. I think? I’m getting the hang of it though. WIX….one word….UGH! I have an account there. But even if I am signed in I can’t comment on people’s blogs. I have to make a poster account for everyone I want to comment on which seems rather silly and time consuming. Maybe someday things will be seamless with blogs and posting comments.

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