Day 25, Saturday

Wow I cant believe we are as far as day 25 for the blog-along. I have really enjoyed being a part of this again, and getting to meet new people and catch up on blogs I had let slip. And trying to set myself up with the daily practice of writing.

Last night I watched Greys Anatomy until around 130am. So late, especially as I was so tired after college. However Friday is our night off, so hubby was xboxing and I got the TV. Normally I would art but, well I was tired!

Today however was homework day. so once we were all up and about, that was my plan. Hubby was planning on being in the workshop making a wooden store box for the front door step, our daughter made fruit scones before finding the TV. But our son, has woken up not being well. He has been super tired since Scouts night on Wednesday, we think that along a late night last night has left his body unable to fight the effects of an cold. We got him to do a lateral flow test as there are positive cases in school and scouts, he has tested negative, we don’t think it is anything more than a cold, but he has been bunged up, sleepy and lethargic all day. I have given him paracetamol and tested his temperature and he seems to be responding. I think he just needs sleep. He has been in front of Netflix all day, ive plied him with fluid and he has eaten well all day. We three are on the sofa catching up on the F1 qualifier, we shall be sending him to bed early though to get a good nights sleep.

I did do my homework today, which was to write up our techniques and evaluations of yesterdays work. I enjoyed the day, and I think I want to try the painting again, just not today.

After this I played with Alcohol inks. Making a few sheets of blue/red and tried to make a jellyfish. Alcohol inks are very unpredictable but a lot of fun.

The qualifier was a bit of a shock and a great line up ready for tomorrow’s race.

I hope everyone’s weekends are going well. See you tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “Day 25, Saturday

  1. Hope you son is still on the negative side but getting better from the cold like symptoms.
    Love the colours of your jellyfish – my fav is the bottom right one.

  2. i hope your son feels better soon and stays negative! love the alcohol ink work … such a cook medium, but i’ve never played with it before. maybe someday … you’re pieces are really interesting!

  3. Oh dear! I’m sorry your son isn’t feeling well, sending him get well wishes. So glad he tested positive!
    I’m a little excited for the new season of Grey’s.
    I’ve been working my way through Private Practice, I just started the last season.
    It might be fun to see Addison again. We’ll see.
    Also been working my way through ER.
    I feel like September has just flown by!
    Love the jellyfish 🙂

    1. Ah thank you, he has been much better today, so i think i was right with it being a cold.

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