Faffing Friday

Today is day 3 of the September blog-along, and well its been another reasonably quiet day today. Weather is warm (ish) for September in Britain but its been dull and gloomy again. Of course they are predicting a heatwave for next week – just as kids return to school so that’s about typical for us.

Hubby and I had a short walk today as I needed to go to the pharmacy, so just under 2 miles today, with a stop at the bakery for some Rocky Road for our evening meal dessert. A nice treat for everyone.

As for art, well I haven’t had as much time to art as I would like because for some reason I decided my art time was the right time to “organise and tidy” the art room. Of course what really happened was a shift of things from place A to place B, which is great right up until I need any of it. But the idea is that its all in a better location for use.

On the back of the tidying I have done a couple of journal pages, all with my own head, ideas and stash, no input from anyone, so I guess today this means I became a creative?

Here are my two pages, what do you think?

This page came together from an existing journal page I had started with a couple of collage pieces. and then I just randomly picked up various snippets from the scrap pile, Theme of “Holey” from the September prompt from The Ugly Art Club. This is a new club, and I’m trying them out to see how/what its all about, it should appeal to my “throw it together” kind of journal art I like.

The point of this page was to fill the blank page as I want to complete the book, I think I have finished it now and I may well do a flip through and post it on my Youtube channel as that seems to be what people do. Ultimately this page was blank, I added so burnt umber then a little turquoise and neon pink acrylic paints, then just played with some pink stickers from my PeriPage printer that went wrong earlier, added some strips from the fodder pot from another project, some washi and some Posca marks then finished with the most appropriate words I could find “Imperfection is a form of freedom”, they felt the most appropriate today.

Well that’s about it for today, Its Friday Wine Day and its been a long time since I’ve had a glass, so I have a nice Red opened and ready to drink, I haven’t managed #sewtember today but I have ideas and that’s the main thing right? As hubby is gaming whilst I’m doing this I may go and get the sewing kit and see what I can achieve, I shall let you know how that goes tomorrow 🙂

Bye for now xx

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4 thoughts on “Faffing Friday

  1. Hi There, I saw the Ugly Art Club on Insta, and decided to follow them to see what they’re about. I like your first page, bright colours are my jam. I saw the word Faffing in your title, and it gave me a good laugh, recently I said to my partner, “I have been faffing about the entire day”…and with genuine concern he asked “What did you eat?” 😉

    1. Oh I love a good Faff, its one of my favourite words and properly sums up today 🙂

  2. Oh, have subscribed to your YouTube, I ADORE seeing flipthroughs!

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