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Hello 2022

Yes I know its already February, but I hadn’t realised how long I’d been away. I’m sorry about that, no real excuses just super busy with my college course, and generally getting through the winter time, I just haven’t felt I have had the time nor energy to do this too. I know this is a big Faux Pas in the world of social media engagement, so if anyone reads this, please accept my apologies, I will try and do better for this year.

My course is now 19 weeks in to the year, and the work effort has ramped up significantly, and I find I am spending not just the 1 day a week at college, but also at least 2 days a week plus some evenings at home working on various things to do with the course. Of course I could do much less, I could only do the bare minimum and scrape through just getting a pass – but what good is that to me if I want to use what I am learning as a jumping off point to a future as an “actual” artist? The more effort I put in now has to be for the greater good, right?

So my last big class project, was top produce 2 pieces of work, inspired by Fauvism, and related to the topic “Fun with Colour”. I investigated a lot about the subject and produced a lot of sketchbook work and practice materials, before starting the actual projects – which are now on display at the college along with the rest of the students.

I worked on my biggest canvas yet, and produced two pieces, in mixed media, that represents myself and my husband on our wedding day, the “fun with colour” aspect comes in because I used mixed media to depict it. Acrylic background paints, and portraits in simplified, non specific colours, and our outfits were collage pieces using home made GEL Press print papers, and I also used some home dried flowers as our bouquet and button hole features. The flowers, I’m not going to fib, were made by our daughter, as she is learning how to do that at the moment. The canvas sizes are A2 (59 x 42cm) size, this is the largest I’ve ever worked on., Having only done A3 (42 x 30cm) previously. It was good to scale up, I learnt a lot, and it wasn’t so big I couldn’t cope. I shall definitely work on this size again in the future. These pieces actually covered 4 weeks college work with the planning as well as the actual doing!

The colour reproduction here doesn’t do it justice, they are brighter than these images show, but you get the idea.

Here we were “problem solving in 2D” the next topic is to “problem solve in 3D” thats going to be fun!

Well a short and sweet post here, just to get me back into the swing of things, I will try and be more on it and post regularly and with shorter posts… that’s my 2022 resolution for my website, fingers crossed!

Until next time, hope you all stay safe.

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