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May 2021 RowanBerry Subscription Box – Review

Subscription box review for Under the Rowan Trees May 2021 Bee Themed box.

I was excited to get this box as I knew it was to be Bees’ and they hold a personal significance for me.

The box this month has some interesting journalling items in it. Every item is a Bee related piece. There is a wooden ornament, a Bee Stencil from Oops a Daisy, Post-it-Note pad, 3 Journal cards in stiff card and nicely printed and blank on the reverse, a sticker sheet, a daily tracker pad, 2 Stabilo 88 Pens in Pink and Yellow, the A6 Calendar sheet, a packet of Calendula seeds from Something Pretty and the notecard stating everything that’s here.

Everything is good quality, well made and ready to be used but I have to say that as excited as I was to receive it, I was disappointed to open it and find the contents. I realise this is a box aimed at the Bullet Journaller and I absolutely know that every BUJO person out there would rave for it. I’ve seen some of the comments from the recipients but I’m just not that kind of stationery geek. I have never “written” in a journal, I am hopeless at taking notes, I write on post-its and scraps and leave them scattered around the house. I have always been this way and at 50 years old I’m unlikely to change! So for me this box is disappointing. But it’s a lovely set of items in their own right and I am not knocking them at all. I am unlikely to make the best use of these items, they will scatter to the various corners of my art room stash likely not to be seen again.

The box arrived late April, I took my photo on the 1st May, and today (20th May) is the first time I have opened the box again since then. I think this tells me everything I need to know about how I am spending my money.

So May 2021 is going to be my last RowanBerry subscription box – for a while at least. I’ve had a really good run of buying the boxes. I started with the “Deeds Not Words” box back in February 2020, and along the way I’ve had some amazing boxes. Lately the boxes have in my opinion taken a turn into bullet journalling rather than Stationery led fodder, and that’s just not for me. Danielle’s customer service has always been good, her business is growing and she now has two other members of staff, her business looks to be be thriving even in these trying times but I do find her less available to answer questions either via email or on Facebook. That said, her staff Samantha and India are available, so maybe they have had a shift around. Over the 15 months I have been a customer I have spent a lot of money in Danielle’s online shop and I have enjoyed supporting her small business grow. But I feel that at this time I have moved away from where the subscription boxes are currently and potentially where they are heading.

I wish Danielle, Samantha and India all the success in the world with the business. I’m not leaving, I’m just taking a break from the subscription boxes. I will keep an eye on social media and if a box comes up that speaks to me I shall order it.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are my own. I paid for the products discussed, I received no payment and I am not affiliated in any way with any brand mentioned herein.

8 thoughts on “May 2021 RowanBerry Subscription Box – Review

  1. I think you’re right, if it’s taken you that long to open the box, and the contents don’t fit your interest then it’s best to take a break. However, I love bee stuff, though I probably wouldn’t use much of those contents myself. You have made me interested in subscription boxes!

    1. I love Bees, and it’s the reason I had the box this time, the contents just don’t fit me, but I will find ways eventually that use them… X

  2. I think that’s a lovely Bee box – and as my sister keeps bees could be very useful to me! However I know what you mean about whether it is a good use of your money. I find that I regularly buy a magazine and it remains unopened. I decide I will not buy another – and then whoops! – there I go again…

    1. Yes me too, I’ve just signed up to a magazine (I never read them! ) To the “simple things” but I’m hoping a)I will read them and b) I can use them in my art journals ?

  3. I have a subscription to a scrapbooking box (Elle’s Studio) and in my heart of hearts I know I need to cancel it. Getting the box and looking through the supplies is ALWAYS fun but during a recent crafty-room purge I realized that I almost never USE the supplies (except for the puffy stickers). It’s hard to give up but at the same time I’m not really using my budget efficiently…all of which is to say, I totally get your response!

    1. It’s tough, especially when you know you are supporting a small business, but it’s good I can finally make the Decision. Ohhh puffy stickers, definitely my thing at school, I was a sucker for them!

  4. Sounds like a cute box, but I totally understand. I do bullet journal, but I probably wouldn’t use a majority of those, because I keep mine very simple. I’d probably use them in my sketchbooks instead!

    I subscribed to the Papergang box for a few months, but I put it on hold for pretty much the same reason.

    1. I love a sub box, but I guess like everything we out grow it eventually. It’s good to know that even a BUJO person wouldn’t use most things. Thanks for making me feel better about it.

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