More goodies from Under the Rowan Trees

Well, my favourite stationery shop once again encouraged me to place an order. I’m pretty sure I didn’t “need” the goodies, but well, you know, stationery!

The postman arrived carrying a familiar parcel, and inside was this lovely collection of stationery including a new style business card. I love getting parcels from Danielle and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Who can resist an order from Under the Rowan Trees

I love the Archer and Olive notebooks. Well when I say I love them, I mean they LOOK amazing sitting on my shelf. I have 3 now, and I have yet to actually break the blank page!

This book, is my first “Neapolitan” meaning three colours of paper, White, Black and Kraft. They are lovely crisp colours. The Dot Grid is nice and clearly printed. The page marker with the A&O Logo charm at the end is just divine. The cover is a deep blue colour in a textured fabric and the image on the front is an embedded gold constellation.

I guess one day I will actually use it, and when I do I shall tell you all about it!

I also bought the Sakuru Sketchbook. It has a black cover and cream paper. Looks ideal for drawing and colouring sketches. I have yet to try it, but it reminds me very much of the Royal Talens sketchbooks, they are the same size overall and sit nicely on my shelf together. I hope to use pencil, pen, inks, felt-tips, watercolours.

You can buy your own at Under the Rowan Trees

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