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Relaxation and reconnection

Well this post is going to be a little different. Last week we went on holiday. Yes, we left our house and stayed away from it for a whole week. The holiday was actually delayed from last year and was booked as a surprise for my 50th, instead we got to experience it a year late for my 51st and enjoyed Valentine’s Day in the woods too!

This has been only the second time in two years where we have gone away, and this time I genuinely feel we have benefited from it the most.

I believe this time we have properly reconnected as a family. We have all escaped the stresses of the last two years, and the normal home life of homeworking, high school pressures and GCSE exam preparations.

We have been just the four of us, at CentreParcs enjoying the nature all around, we have seen lots of deer, squirrels, rabbits, herons, ducks, geese, as well as hearing the owls in the trees at night. Storm Dudley battered the trees, events were cancelled, Storm Eunice gave us last day travel concerns, and meant they closed the park, unfortunately due to the cat needing to be collected, we had to travel home. Fortunately everything was OK for us and we got home safely.

We swam in the subtropical indoor pool for hours every day, I even went on all the slides and flumes, and didn’t get TOO dizzy (darn menopause symptoms), we’ve been eating lovely foods, kids have loved getting far more sweets than normal, we got soaked experiencing the owl enclosure and getting to hold them, we played American Pool, we learnt that indoor bowls is not our game, the children kids spent time and money in the arcade and @owlsowner won a baby Yoda, we’ve all been singing to the radio stations, oh and used the in room sauna to properly relax.

Genuinely it’s been a wonderful week. I feel that we as a family have reconnected. We have chilled out, we have laughed, we have all acted like kids, we have all learnt things about ourselves and each other. Our teenagers have been able to grow into themselves even more.

I have really put my art to one side this week and it’s been good to take a break. Yes I’ve done some doodling and tried to get involved with a couple of online free week events but I haven’t been bothered when I couldn’t make it. I will be excited to get back to it, but for now, it’s family time.

I even gave social media, emails, art and photography a big side step and it felt so good to disconnect.

It’s been a good week.

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