September Blog-along with Effy – Day 1

Season Tree
Season Tree – created as part of a paid class with “Mixed Media & Beyond

The lovely Effy Wild has launched another month long blog along, and I’ve decided it would be great to join in again.

The challenge is to blog every day in September, and read and comment on at least 3 other blogs in the group.

I shall do my best to be chatty, interesting and mildy appropriate.

So here is day one, happy September, I hope its a good one for you all.

Today has been a dull grey and gloomy day here in Norfolk, I’ve tried to get stuff done, I popped to the supermarket and the post office, prepared food for the family, and tried for some arting time, but its just been one of those “meh” days and I’ve spent the afternoon trying to make space in my Google account by deleting emails, not at all productive for my art!

However, this month I am looking forward to creating lots of art, sending the kids back to school and starting my own year long art college course to learn to be an actual Artist, whoop whoop.

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10 thoughts on “September Blog-along with Effy – Day 1

  1. Gloomy here in NJ…remains of a hurricane heading our way later this evening. Can’t wait to see your future artwork.

  2. Skies are a little bluer here today. Breezy. It’s helping push out the wildfire smoke, so that’s good. But the smoke will more that likely come back again.
    Love the seasons tree.

  3. Good to see your blogging for another round! Love that art layout and I will enjoy watching your journey of becoming an Artist along the way – you know you already are one though!

    1. Good to see you too! and thank you, hubby keeps telling me the same x

  4. I love your season tree! Our weather is insanely lovely for a change, blue skies and sunshine instead of the usual wind and rain lol. What college course are you doing? I’m intrigued. Happy Blog-along! Elle/EOTC xx

    1. Thank you, i enjoyed doing the tree. The college course is a one day a week + homework! Diploma in art and design. I’m so excited about it and genuinely cant wait, although nerves are starting to kick their way in too xx

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