I went into Norwich City today!!

I can’t believe it, I left the house, I went to the City, on my own, for the morning and I loved and hated it in equal measures.  I had to go, I had a dentist appointment so I decided to spend some time after the appointment just enjoying the shops.  Firstly I notice how much the city has changed. So many shops closed and boarded up, and others opened and new ventures are being started.  I popped into several charity stores, I browsed, I meandered, I purchased books for the kids (3 that I loved and I believe they will too), I enjoyed myself!  I visited stationery shops and picked up a couple of bargains ( a set of Polychromos pencils for £10 reduced from £25), and some more expensive items (4 x neocolor II and Derwent pencil extenders).  I went to the library and ended up sitting on the floor looking at art books and chatting to a lady setting the world to rights and connecting on Instagram! I picked up 5 books to read at home. The reason I hated it was the need to wear masks, the keeping away from people, and because the weather was warm and I’m not sure shops are using air cons it was so hot, oppressive and claustrophobic, in the end I had to leave, it was getting too busy for me. Slow and steady that’s what I need to to do adjust to being back into the world again.

Today’s art is a thank you to Tamara for giving away some free art on her website. I put together a little journal page and included some of her art work (note, I didn’t note until just now I got the date wrong! ha ha).

Podcast – I asked the other day about new podcasts, and I found one, via this blog-along. Shinjni at ModernGypsy does a podcast, I’ve listened to a couple and I love them!  I shall be binge listening now.

More art from my Karen Campbell class, and today I have done two postcards in urban sketch style. Both are of Big Pen, one point perspective and one using a fountain pen and a little water. The other was pencil, arteza brush pens and a fountain pen to outline.

I was told by our daughter that my hair reminded her of Avril Lavine’s .. now given I am 50 and AV is still in her 30s I’m sure she wouldn’t be too happy but I don’t mind haha… honestly I doubt I look anything like her, but I had my photo taken anyway!

Whilst in the City there was an art / eco farming exhibition in the Library. I took this photo of a cardboard mountain representing  a forest canopy and its diverse nature and what it means to nature.

Today has been a good day, then the evening started and our tech has been playing up all over the place, so I shall keep this short and sweet and catch you again tomorrow.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are my own. I paid for the products discussed, I received no payment and I am not affiliated in any way with any brand mentioned herein.

12 thoughts on “Shopping!

  1. Thanks for the sweet share above. I love connecting with you and even though we have a big ocean separating us, the net brings us together. Thanks for your blog comment too. I too am enjoying the Ugly Art Club. I know Kristin and Tiffany pretty well. Of course DeeDee is awesome too. Wishing you a beautiful day!

    1. We are like one big family, I see names I recognise popping up all over the place ?

  2. Hey Donna, loved your post, but most of all…I am so honoured that you would even use those things in your art. You have made 1 very weird person very happy…with your kindness and creativity!

  3. What a lovely day for you Donna. I can hardly wait to get back into our library again. I love your sketches and hearing about your day. Nice picture of you and your desk looks like fun to play and create.

  4. That sounds like a wonderful trip to the city, in spite of the yucky parts. Glad you found some treasures!

  5. Sounds like a trip I would have enjoyed – apart from teh masks and the heat!
    Thanks for sharing the picture of the cardboard mountain.
    A lovely read altogether…

  6. Being out in the world still makes me anxious… A little less since our Province decided that masks have to be mandatory again.
    Sounds like a wonderful morning you had <3

    1. We are not mandatory on the masks but all shops ask that you do. It’s a small thing that hopefully helps, so I’m doing it!

  7. love the cardboard forest mountain and your urban sketches Donna. Our high street is full of empty boarded up shops too, it’s quite depressing, so I try not to go too often. Happy Blogging! Elle/EOTC xx

    1. Boarded up shops is so sad. We are in a new era, it will bounce back sometime, maybe something new instead of shops, entertainment instead perhaps.

  8. so many things have changed in the past 18 months. i know something new will be born, but it’s hard to think of some old things dying away. your day out was a lovely visit into what still remains, and your sketches are really beautiful.

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