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Welcome to Autumn 2021

So today is officially the first day of Autumn here in the UK. I love Autumn, I love the changing of the season, the changing colours, the hibernation of all that was bright and beautiful of summer (not that we had the best of summers) and the hunkering down heading towards winter, but lets not mention that yet, evenings get cold and crisp and days start with the misty coolness before giving way to (hopefully!) warm sunny days.

Today has been a day at the house alone. Hubby off to the office, kids at school. So I had the morning where I did some housework, blitzing some areas that haven’t been done for a while. Once I had done all that I wanted to I spent some time making a video of my Gezellig book, I am not sure if I want to post it as is, I may re-do it and take out the more personal bits, I really need to learn some easy video editing techniques, my phone only lets me add 1 sticker per video, so unless I keep saving it out and adding one at a time it gets very time consuming and space hungry! Clearly I need yet another App on my phone! Gezellig was a paid summer course, held in a Facebook group. It was a book of self discovery and art. It told the story of Anyali and the Last Dragon. I have since bought the book via Kindle as it was such a lovely story.

I went to my 49th Blood Donor session today. Everything went smoothly enough, they are getting busier again so I had to wait quite a while, but my actual donation only took 6 minutes! Honestly I don’t mind, every time I donate that pint of blood I am in awe that my blood could save someones live.

Give Blood logo
What ever country you are in,
please do this if you can!

When I got home I had around an hour before the children got home from school, long enough to visit this weeks wanderlust class (I listened this morning) and so i was able to replay and draw along. This class was all about showing up and noticing what was around you and sketching it, and colouring it. Any paper, any medium, just show up.

After that I used this months subscription pack from KiaCreates to make 3 October themed journal double page spreads. I used this months kit and spares I had left from last year (i really wasn’t using them then!) I do still need to add any other writing/features etc, but they are at least prepared!

Whilst I was cutting and sticking, I was also helping with French and German homework.. my head hurts now, I’ve never been good at languages I’m ashamed to say.

Hubby came home from work and we had an easy tea of sweet & sour chicken and rice, followed by Cornetto ice-cream cones 🙂

I’m now typing this whilst listening to Shinjini again on her Art with Soul Podcast. I have to say I am loving her podcast. She has such a beautiful soft voice, and speaks so eloquently, and so much great advise in every single episode. I shall definitely be listening to them again, and I love that she always says she is putting notes on her blog as well as is happy to talk to you about anything.

Until tomorrow, happy blogging!

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One thought on “Welcome to Autumn 2021

  1. I keep trying to get to Shinjini’s podcast, a friend of mine recommended it months ago – and I think I was maybe not ready for it, and that’s why it didn’t happen. Cornetto was my FAVOURITE ice cream back home, not sure if the ones here taste the same, they surely have less flavours…

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