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Whimsical Women of the World

Whimsical Women of the World Book

Karen Campbell’s latest drawing series and accompanying book

I am a member of Karen Campbell’s drawing club. Recently she launched a new series called “Whimsical Women of the World” where we drew a face, inspired by a photograph of someone and coloured using any medium of our choice. Karen’s style was to use alcohol markers, I started off doing that, but changed to coloured pencil part way through. I really feel I learnt a lot along this journey, and my muscles memory for face drawing is getting so much better. I definitely need to work on the colouring aspect with pencils, but even that is getting better, learning to blend is a skill in itself, I’m better than i was but i have a long way to go.

And then something amazing happened….

My Picture is in the book!

Donna Holmes : Published Artist

At the end of the series, Karen produced a “how to” book, which is now for sale, and in it she would feature students artwork. I was lucky enough to have one of my pieces chosen, so I can now absolutely claim that I am a “published artist”!!

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