A day alone….

Oh I know, I shouldn’t say it, but having the house to myself today has been bliss! This isn’t a “I wish they were always out” type of bliss, but the sort of bliss that comes after not having ANY time alone for any significant amount of weeks, months and almost years due to the worldwide pandemic.

As soon as it hit, the kids and hubby were sent home, and with the exception of about 3 days since March 2020 I haven’t had the house to myself at all. It is SO nice to not have to worry if I’m annoying anyone putting the vacuum on, or telling them they can’t go in the kitchen because I’ve washed the floor, or don’t use the loos I’ve cleaned them. You know what I mean? Yes I have had a GREAT day of being alone to clean the house, eat snacks, drink tea, do some art, pop to the shop when I want, without having to be on hand for anyone else. I know it makes me sound ungrateful and I really don’t mean it, I love my family intensely, I just also like to have some space occasionally. Starting this week, our new normal means that one day a week during term time I get the house alone, and on my college days hubby gets the house alone (yes I’ve told him he needs to do housework whilst also WFH 🙂 )

Anyway enough of the headiness of being able to clean the house, I also managed to do some art today, so here is a quick roundup.

Week 30 Wanderlust, the artist Mystele took us through using gelly plates (I don’t have one) and altering an existing project (I didn’t have one) to make new art. So I used a magazine picture, stuck it into my journal then added various amounts of collage matter, gesso and Posca pen art to create a new page

Week 32 Wanderlust this week was the artist Helen Colebrook, I had been putting this one off as I am not a “journaller” as such, but today I decided to do the piece without doing the journalling, and I really enjoyed the experience of just creating.

Week 36 Wanderlust – Francisca Nunes I have to say that this one I really didn’t enjoy or get, but maybe because I didn’t buy into the process more than not liking the project. Pick flowers, make swatches of colours to match the flowers, collage and then use the colours you’ve swatched. It just didn’t work for me and the final piece shows that I didn’t put the effort in the class was wanting. Maybe I’d just had enough by then and I may try it again another time.

Mix Media Postcards – I had another go at making the cards from yesterday. I chose entirely different colours and went very free for all. I have to say I LOVE the final outcome of this. I may well have found my “thing” and I am considering whether this would be a saleable item on the Etsy shop. Ill take a look and see if other people do similar and what they may charge for it, who knows it could become something! I do love the page before I take the masking tape off, I wonder if i could sell that as a digital download? When I took the masking tape off , the tape was so pretty I have added it into a journal and made a new page out of it ha ha.

Sewtember day 7 – The word was “Pochemuchka” a Russian word for “Why” often used in association with young people asking lots of questions.

Sewtember day 8 Today’s word is Orenda, and its meaning is “invisible magic power believed by the Iroquois to pervade all natural objects as a spiritual energy.” Now to come up with some ideas of what to do for this.

Until tomorrow have a lovely day …..

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4 thoughts on “A day alone….

  1. ooooh I believe that we all love our family but also enjoy when we are not 24/7 together in the same space.
    I love that even when you don’t resonate with a lesson, you still try it out.

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