Back to Normal?

Today is the first day of the new term, and our Son returned to school, Daughter returns tomorrow, then we are “Back To Normal” well as normal as we can be with hubby WFH and me starting college on Friday. But well school’s back and that is what denotes normal around here. It’s an important year for our daughter, her GCSE year, so she needs to be properly “on it” to do well and get the grades she wants. We also heard our son say to grandparents “Oh I will be doing them in 3 years OMG” so yeah normal it is 🙂

Today I have had the opportunity to do some art. I have had 2 weeks off really, not doing much and ensuring what I did do wasn’t going to affect the family too much, if they needed me I could stop. Hubby was on holiday from work so it was nice to spend time together, just to “be” rather together in the office him working me creating art.

My art today came down to a piece for Gezellig, a mixed media board that we ended up cutting up and adding words to, to go into our journal. It was all about layers, medium and having fun. I did enjoy doing it, and I want to do it again soon. I can see this type of work being good as fodder for journals or the back bone of another piece of work (omg get me, I almost sound like I know what i am talking about!) I even made a video showing the cards.

I even made a video to show you the finished cards.

I also made a piece for The Ugly Art Club prompt “Holey” I had a sheet of Yupo paper (synthetic / plastic paper made especially for alcohol inks) that I had cut circles from, and the paper that was left was perfect for the project. I used my horrible Archer and Olive Acrylograph pens (I’m sorry but they are just the worst acrylic pens I’ve used and I cant wait to get rid of them) to scribble blocks of colour onto the page, using them to blend into each other and make more colours, not that they blend that well on the page, but that’s OK its all about mark making as the under page, then I stuck the holey page on top and used a black pen to draw in the circles. Overall I think it qualifies for an ugly art page 🙂

I haven’t yet done my piece for #sewtember, but its gone 8pm and hubby and I are sitting out in the garden, enjoying the late evening. Its been super hot here today so to sit outside and be cool is really yummy right now. We are burning a citronella candle though as the bugs are starting to be a pain. Sitting here we can hear the local church bells ringing, its Tuesday evening and that’s bell practice night. It’s such a lovely sound! So now its quite dark but we are being lit by my screen and the candle burning, we are almost certainly being bitten by little bugs, but that’s summer in the UK for you!

And away……

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6 thoughts on “Back to Normal?

  1. Ah sitting outside sounds lovely. I love your cards. What a good idea. I hope normal stays normal for you there. I almost forget what normal feels like with the Delta surging here.

    1. It was lovely, thank you, I hope the weather is holding ok for you. we’ve had another scorcher today, predicted storms tomorrow, normal September weather for us!

    1. oh thats so lovely of you to say, thank you. Both children seems to have a good day and @owlsover is off to scouts this evening, i think he is pretty happy to be getting back to normal activities

  2. Great art pieces, lol, not so ugly though and good idea with the cut out leftover!
    I think we all have a new normal now not matter where we live in the world, but it is always great to speed quality time with our families. xoxo

    1. I love the club title of “ugly art” it really takes away the feeling of having to be perfect and allows for free expression.

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