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Day 15 – Sleep deprived crazy

Today started well, despite a rubbish nights sleep (no idea what was wrong but don’t you just love the peri-menopausal leg twitch and wide awake-ness when you just want to be asleep!) Anyway despite not being awake, I managed to tease the daughter enough to get a FacePalm and eyeroll and the announcement that I am “in a pedantic mood” ha ha. The weather is a bit changeable. I had to drive the kids to school as it was raining at the time they needed to leave but had stopped by the time I drove them, typical. They have to walk 1.5 miles each way, so I am happy to give them a lift occasionally – just not TOO often – the fresh air and exercise is good for them 🙂

Today’s art has been finished nice an early – I’m quite impressed with myself!

My Journal Page is using my Scribble & Dot A5 Dot grid notebook, I brayered 2 different greens and Titanium buff acrylic paints, then when it was dry I layered it with Gold Acrylic. After this I used items from my February kit from Kia. The theme today was “Collecting Memories” and the base colour was formed because of the Green of the shell washi. I have even added some writing – for a very real change!

April 15th journal page
April 15th journal page “Collecting Memories”

After this is my Daily lettering challenge, although I think I chose more of a collage page than a lettering page, the purple square at the bottom is me playing with gouache received in a sale Scrawlrbox a few days ago (oh I haven’t written about them!) Today its is a quote of my choice from any BAFTA film. My quote is “I want the Fairy Tale” from Pretty Woman. I love that movie and I definitely need to get our daughter to watch this sometime. She is more Marvel and Wizardry based, however there is the occasional rom-com in her remit.

BAFTA Page I want the Fairy Tale
BAFTA Page I want the Fairy Tale

I’ve just watched a Maremi SmallArt YouTube video “Don’t Overthink – Just Journal Away in 10 minutes”, and as part of it she said about getting free digital downloads, and added a link to tell my friends, so here you go. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Last night I completed a LifeBook class from Week 12. Pia Rom is the Tutor Artist, and I really liked her style of tutorship. She completes her page in real time with little chat, you can watch and play or watch and do it later. I made this whilst our son was at Scouts.

Life Book Week 12 Tutor Pia Rom
Life Book Week 12 Tutor Pia Rom

The other thing I am super pleased with myself about, I created myself a lino cut stamp for my logo! I have had the kit for ages, its an Artful Lino-cut box set and this is all I’ve done with it so far! but I’m pretty happy with it.

Logo Stamp
My Logo Stamp

Well that’s it for today, its only 11 am and I need to do something “house” that actually will manifest itself in something “Arts and Crafty” I am sure 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Day 15 – Sleep deprived crazy

    1. I amazed myself, i did it in about an hour, then spent longer stamping it onto papers ha ha

    1. Ah thank you, I am not a confident journal-er, so that’s lovely to read thank you

    1. Thank you Effy, I loved making it, I definitely need to try more 🙂

  1. I’m loving the stamp! And your pages! Yes, I love that line from Pretty Woman, it’s one of my favourite films! You’ve made me want to get my dvd out now!

    1. I know right, shockingly I don’t have it on DVD, but its got to be on streaming somewhere – i may nag for a film night 🙂

  2. Love your AJ pages and your stamp. It looks really good. And congrats in getting another LB lesson done! Thanks for the link to the free papers, I have downloaded and linked to it and your post on my Day 15 post. Elle

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