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Day 17, Chips on the Pier

Day 17 already! I am pretty amazed that I am still here to be honest, this is not my normal sort of challenge and it’s most definitely out of my comfort zone, I really did think I would have failed by now. But I’ve found I am enjoying it and I am enjoying reading so many other varied and interesting blogs. Most importantly I am finding it interesting thinking about what I might talk to you about. Will it be interesting enough, will it get a reaction, will it even be read? Then I’ve thought: Stop worrying and just do it, it doesn’t matter if its not read, its important that I show up and do the deed. So here I am again, day 17, ready to write …. something!

Yesterday we went to the beach, we had a glorious day. We left the house soon after I posted my blog page, drove to the coast, arriving at 9 am in Overstrand, parking at the clifftop car park. We walked along the cliff top into Cromer, we had taken our cameras so a few photo stops were had. Once we got to Cromer we carried on along the beach until we got to East Runton, then climbed the path into the village and walked back to Cromer along the main road. I made a quip about owning a caravan on the cliff top and suddenly we are now all about owning a holiday home somewhere… who would have thought it! Anyway we carried on back into Cromer and went to our favourite chip shop for lunch. Queuing outside and taking our chips to eat on the pier, I took a photo of our lunch looking out over the pier bars onto the sea. Then about 5 minutes later I burst into tears. Honestly I cannot believe it, the emotions of the last year, of being secluded at home, going no-where, being forced to be home just all came welling up. To be outside, free, without restrictions, in the fresh air, with hubby at the beach listening to waves crash, watching the seagulls watching our chips, it was all too much. I did not realise just how much I had missed being able to go out and do something so freeing. Anyway hubby was amazing, he looked after me, didn’t tell me I was silly, he understood and we talked. Eventually I pulled myself together, we finished our chips and we carried on back along the beach to the car park. In all we were at the beach for 4 hours and we walked 7.5 miles. We went home exhausted but happy.

We hit our half way point for our monthly walking challenge.

Last night I played with a couple of my scrawlrboxes and made some art.

Today has been a quiet day. We have been searching the options of owning some kind of holiday home on the Norfolk Coast. Lots of ideas, not much money, not much choice (everyone wants staycations this year as we probably wont get much foreign travel again!) We watched the Formula 1 Qualifying – Hamilton gets pole again (shock) but Perez and Verstappen get 2nd and 3rd place – that’ll do nicely thank you boys, good luck for tomorrow! Unsurprisingly Vettel is out of qually in the 2nd round. I do miss him being a challenger, but its SO good to see him in the green of the Aston Martin. Looking forward to the race tomorrow, Imola is always a good if emotional, track. RIP Senna and Ratzenburger.

My Notebook challenge yesterday and today is to use a Nib pen and Herbin Ink in the books. For this 3 day session I have Chosen a specific poem. I had not actually read it before, but its a lovely poem and seems to fit my spring time feeling, and also seems to fit me with trying to learn lettering (failing in this challenge) and test the pages – its definitely testing them! The Archer and Olive (most expensive) book yesterday definitely fared worse than today’s (mid priced) Mindful Giraffe book.

The day has been glorious here in Norfolk. I managed to get 3 loads of washing dried on the line, and yes I cheated and got the bed sheets done in the dryer. Cheeky but nice 🙂

We have just watched Prince Philips Funeral. The weather was wonderful. Glorious sunny day, barely a cloud in the sky. So good to see the family observing rules, and respectful of all the families around the world that have had to do similar limited services. All the readings and music chosen by Philip. A lovely respectful service befitting a graceful, down to earth Prince.

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15 thoughts on “Day 17, Chips on the Pier

  1. I’m glad you had a lovely day. I went into a charity shop and burst into tears yesterday , I was on my own. I just felt overwhelmed with everything! It’s great that your hubby understands. You’ve been very productive with your art, the pages are lovely!

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it, we think we are doing okay, then the simplest things bring us back down with a bump. X

    2. I completely get that overwhelming feeling. It’s so bizarre, after this last year of lockdown, I feel both worried and excited at getting back out into the world, I hadn’t expected to feel so emotional at the feeling of freedom though. ❤️

  2. Chips by the beach is there anything better? Glad you escaped captivity for the day and got some fresh air. Love your pink ink pages. I have some Herbin ink, it’s very precious. I might be hoarding it along with everything else lol Elle

    1. Chips at the beach really is the best way to eat them.
      Is Herbin ink a “good” ink then? I bought it on a whim I have 5 colours I think.

      1. oh yeah definitely. It’s one of the best, they also bring out special limited edition inks, look for the 1670 inks. They also do little gift boxes with about five or six inks and glass pen that are quite nice if you are looking to treat yourself : ) Elle

  3. My burst-into-tears moment happened at a fabric shop. I sewed sooooo many masks last year and I did not enjoy it, except for knowing I was helping friends. To be shopping just to make a baby quilt just kind of pushed me over the edge. I think we all definitely all have some big Feels.

    1. Ah I feel strangely comforted knowing that it’s okay to cry about this feeling. I’m glad you are making something other than masks. I refused to make them for so long, then had to make a bunch for the children, I now need to make some more.

  4. What you write is incredibly interesting for someone in the US and not on the coast! Thanks for your perspective.

    1. Ah that is lovely to hear, I enjoy reading about the US too, so many differences to learn about ? x

  5. Well done to you! Nothing better than fish and chips by the sea. I watched a bit of the F1 practice, naturally I go for Daniel R.(lol, if there is an Aussie, we have to back him right). but then came into my craft room. Oh how I would love a holiday home to escape too by the beach. We have missed out on 2 cruises since Covid-19, and who knows when we will get to go again.
    Take care xoxo

    1. Ah we do love Danny Ric too, we so miss him getting to have a shoey on the podium. X

  6. Great job keeping up! I have been struggling the last few days and appreciate it when I see others too. We are doing well! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  7. I got teary reading about your tears. I so feel it too. I feel tears at the edge of my being quite often. Your day sounded so nice. What a time we’re living in. I like your notebook pictures and that lady with the blue hair.

  8. I felt your tears as I read about them, and I can imagine the exact same thing happening when I’m able to go forth and do the same. Love the peeks into your journals and your blog list reminds me so much of the good old days of blogging when we all had those lists on our sidebar. Inspiring. Thank you. <3

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