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Day 18, Sunny Sunday

Its been lovely here today in the East of England. Hubby and I went out for a nice walk we completed another 5.5 miles for our monthly target. It was warm and sunny with a gentle April breeze. We saw some deer, a heron and a baby duckling that was clearly lost but we named “speedy” as he sped away so quickly in the water.

When we got home both children had been watching TV in separate rooms, we had lunch then Hubby, Son and I watched the Formula 1 whilst Daughter returned to the TV. Fast cars don’t really do much for her! It was a pretty good race overall, rain, slips, slides, crashes, penalties and retirements with Max Verstappen winning the race and Lando Norris getting his second ever podium coming in 3rd.

My Art today has been limited, as I have been enjoying the day with the family. First up is my doodle which I started a couple of days ago but has been done mostly whilst watching the F1 today. This was a Scrawlrbox from August 20 and I hadn’t really played with the pens. They are Chameleon fine liners they have a 3 mm nib and colour changing caps. Put Pen 1 into Cap 2 for a maximum of 30 seconds and you can create a blended writing / doodle etc. I chose to draw flowers, create the blends and then used the grey to make dots to fill the background.

scrawlrbox aug20 chameleon pens
Scrawlrbox August 20 box contained Notepad and Chameleon Pens

After this I did my daily challenge piece and today was the turn of the Scribble & Dot notebook. Its the cheapest of the three in the test and I have to say it performed the best in this ink test! Very little bleeding occurred and even where I pooled the ink (I’m still learning!) it really didn’t struggle too badly. I had to take the photo outside in the garden, as the evening light was casting an awful blue tint to all my photos. I also am the happiest with this page in terms of its overall composition. I think I am getting better at planning my ideas.

April 18th Scribble & Dot
April 18th Scribble & Dot

Well that’s about it for today. We’ve had our evening meal, kids have disappeared to their rooms, Hubby is on the X-Box and I’m writing to you. We have found out that the new IndyCar Season begins today, Romain Grosjean (last year was in F1 and had a horrific crash in Bahrain) is on TV at 8pm here in the UK, so we think maybe our evening viewing is sorted.. Now to decide what to do until then.. Hmmm a video tutorial on using Affinity Designer maybe?

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6 thoughts on “Day 18, Sunny Sunday

  1. Those coloured flowers are beautiful! And that little duckling is cute! I ran up to tell my husband about the Indy car thing, but apparently he is going to be watching cricket! Wasn’t the race exciting! My husband was full of afterwards lol!

  2. Love both the spreads. I’ve always been interested in the Chameleon range, it’s good to see how lovely and bright they are. I like bright 🙂

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