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Day 20 – Its an Art and Shopping kind of day

Today I decided to go supermarket shopping, and thanks to Cheryl post yesterday I decided to go to one of the out of town stores, and it just so happened to be right beside The Range. I have missed the arts and crafts stores, so I was at Sainsbury’s for 8am, at the Range for 9am and home again by 10:30am having spent a decent amount of money 🙂 which included new jeans and craft supplies (of course) for me, jeans for the boy, Harry Potter erasers and a Diamond Painting set for the daughter, and.. oops nothing for hubby – well does a new washing up bowl count??

Today’s Art show :

Wanderlust Week 16, Dyan Reaveley

Wanderlust Wk 16, our tutor was Dyan Reaveley. I do feel a bit guilty that I don’t own a single piece of her art supplies, but I made do with my stash, and to be honest I think it came out pretty good. Warm colours of yellow, orange and magenta were used for the background and they were put on with a baby-wipe. Then using the same colours I stencilled with in rounds of 3 to create a triangle. Once dry I then doodled using a fine-liner and then added the black using a homemade stencil of a woman – representing the younger and grown up versions of me. I then stumbled for a question that the younger me could ask, and get a response.

Wanderlust wk 16 Dyan Reaveley
Wanderlust Week 16, Dyan Reaveley

Daily Notebook Art

I also completed my Daily Notebook challenge using my Mindful Giraffe notebook and Sharpies. The design inspiration came from an internet search, unfortunately the web page (one of those 20 things type pages) had a broken link and I couldn’t find anything about the original artist. Fortunately the image is quite different to the original so I don’t feel like I have “copied” as much as been inspired by.

April 20th mindful sharpies
Daily Notebook Art – Mindful Giraffe and Sharpies

Evening Doodle time

A piece of doodle art I completed yesterday evening, was from Scrawlrbox January box. They have just started having a weekly art prompt and this is the first one I’ve participated in. It was “flourish” which also happens to be my word of the year. I really enjoyed slowing down and doing this piece with Tombow Alcohol markers.

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One thought on “Day 20 – Its an Art and Shopping kind of day

  1. Yay you went! Brilliant! 🙂 I’m loving “flourish “ and that’s a great word of the year and your picture is beautiful, they all are!

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