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Day 21, Lollipop

It’s the tail end of day 21, and I have been very much “offline” today. I read and commented on some blogs this morning, but I have been away from all things social media today – very unlike me!

My Notebook challenge today, was done in my Scribble & Dot notebook and used Sharpies to create the design. I used a stencil to make the arches then hand drew the mandala shapes and wrote the date in bubble writing. The paper is thinner, and the sharpie did bleed through as expected, however it also in a couple of places bled onto the next page too. I really should remember to add a protector sheet between the page! I am all about the blues and purples at the moment – apparently they are the colours of the wild woman archetype phase – and I am most definitely in that phase!

April 21 S&D Sharpie
April 21 S&D Sharpie

My April LollipopBoxClub subscription kit arrived yesterday and the theme is “Good Vibes”. I didn’t get to open it until today and OMG there is so much fun stuff in it! It is definitely worth the cost if you are into this sort of thing. I have pretty much spent the day reading the blog and watching videos from the creative team to get ideas for making pages from the kit. I am trying to decide if I want to subscribe or not. I’m not a writer journaller so I do wonder what the use for me would be. I am beginning to at least evaluate my subscriptions with the practical aspects rather than “ooh that’s pretty, I must have it!” I love art journalling but doing it for memory making is new for me so I am not sure whether its my “thing”. I decided to put the kit into its own journal – it’s one I have made recently. It’s not great, it’s an early model of my “Donna” journal, but it’s mine so that’s what counts right?

I was definitely on a “CBA” type of day. We didn’t do our walk today because we couldn’t be bothered, which is ridiculous because we do no more than 3 miles at a lunchtime walk, I just couldn’t get the oomph together to go out. But I did compensate slightly by doing a SMALL amount of gardening, as the garden bin gets emptied tomorrow and it needed some thing in it!

Well thats me for the day, the CBA is still here, and it wants feeding with chocolate… hmmmmm

Until tomorrow TTFN

5 thoughts on “Day 21, Lollipop

  1. Wow it seems you’ve been a different kind of busy today. Your pages look great! I’ve often wondered about these subscription boxes but I have so much stash that I can’t justify it. I don’t blame you for feeling a bit CBA! I’m sitting here reading blogs with a cup of hot chocolate!

    1. I’ve just had my hot chocolate, from. hotel chocolate “creamy coconut” not bad, now watching Castle. X

  2. I don’t dare subscribe to an art or craft box. I have a whole room of stuff upstairs that I’m not using.

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