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Day 23 St Georges Day

I’m a bit late writing this today, its been one of those sort of days.

I decided to go to Matalan this morning, our Daughter needs some new clothes for school and Matalan is a good place for her. She’s too grown up for kids clothes now so teeny tiny women’s clothes are needed. I’m not jealous of her teeny tiny waist line, I promise I’m not (said through gritted teeth ha ha!). No honestly she is a wonderful size and long may she be the beauty that she is. Anyway I digress. After Matalan I just HAD to go to Hobbycraft, it’s right next door after all so it would be rude not to! I was in there far longer than the clothes shop that’s for sure! I was pretty good and didn’t spend a fortune, I got some bargains, mostly stuff I “needed” (who am I kidding) I didn’t NEED those lettering stencils, nor the items from the reduced pile although I bagged some bargain cotton fabric for journal making and I got a freebie Giant Posca pen in bright pink but did I really need the notebooks when I make my own? Did I need the card stock or the inkpads (Not Tim Holtz as it was silly expensive even in the sale) But I did pick up a £2 pack of mini alphabet wooden stamps that I have wanted for months and they don’t sell via their online store, so now I can do the stamping on my art journal pages with a better size lettering.

matalan hobbycraft
Should I stay or should I go?

Today’s art journal page took a lot of working through. I genuinely had no idea what to do today. I didn’t even start it until about 2 pm, and I finished it around 7, no I didn’t spend 5 hours on it, I also cooked tea and drove the boy to Tennis and back. But it probably did take me longer than I wanted. I guess that’s what happens when you make something without planning, and without following a tutorial! I am so used to spending an hour or two watching and playing along to a video, that actual work involved in thinking up a page (or 4) is much harder. I did a half cut out Dragon, this was harder than I expected and I should really have left some more structure to him, the boy has named him “Flappy Dragon”. I made a journal note card for the pocket, and on the back I wrote 9 facts about St George, which I got from English Heritage website.

st georges day page 1
St Georges Day page 1
st georges day page 2
St Georges Day page 2 Showing full spread and “Flappy Dragon”
st georges day page 4
St Georges Day page 4 – Pocket and hidden journal card
St Georges day page 5
St Georges day page 5 Showing Journal Card and Facts

The only other thing of note today is that we are seriously considering a holiday home near the coast. What started as a throw away comment last week is becoming a hot topic, and we now have several alerts setup for RightMove , we even went to view a property today! It would be lovely to have something to look forward to for this year, we really don’t think foreign travel is going to be a possibility again this year, and if the UK can keep the R down, and things stay “open” it would be nice to have somewhere to go. We are all a little bored with our own back garden.

Well that’s it for today, its time to get our daughter from Guides and then our evening can start. I’m planning to art, Hubby is planning to drive around an Xbox racetrack, we both plan on a glass of wine!

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10 thoughts on “Day 23 St Georges Day

  1. Your pages are beautiful and that dragon (flappy the Magic Dragon) is beautiful! Your fussy cutting is great! I agree, not visiting Hobby Craft would be rude 🙂 sounds like you got some bargains too! I can’t remember the last time I went to Matalan, it’s made me want to go to ours!

  2. Love your pages – gotta love a bargain and you may not need it today, but you will need it!

  3. i miss craft stores … ! your dragon is great! my daughter has always drawn dragons, and i love to see other people creating these gorgeous beasts.

    1. I have missed the stores too. I’m waiting for my local store to become less busy so I can visit. It’s not been online at – this would have been a great time for them, I worry that the loss of business will affect them long-term

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