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Day 24, Saturday

We had a lazy start to the day, I spent a couple of hours reading and commenting on blogs whilst drinking my coffee in bed. Whilst reading Amy’s blog, I decided I knew what today’s art page would be about, once I could get to the art table. Amy mentioned a prompt list she had seen on Pinterest, all about “Me, Myself and I”. I decided I could do this, Amy talked about some of the prompts in her blog so I decided I would journal with photos. I spent the afternoon looking for answers to the prompt and appropriate images either from my own stash or Google searches.

April 24th page 1
April 24th page 1
April 24th page 2 & 3
April 24th page 2 & 3
April 24th Page 4 & 5
April 24th Page 4 & 5

I initially glued a ladies face to the page, then gesso’d before cutting around her. The plan was to use the image to doodle and make the spread be more about her face. However the pages took on a own life of their own and in the end I used 3 acrylic paints to make the pages, mixing up the layers and ensuring they were cohesive but different. Also I added a layer of shimmering gold to each page. Hubby saw the first page when it was painted, and he said it had an Indian feel to it. He then didn’t see it again until they were all finished. I think I surprised him a bit! Each picture represents one of the prompts on the list.

Saturday Night Food Truck

We regularly get a Spicery subscription box. Its something we have done for years after I gave it as a first Christmas present for hubby way back when, and we have continued getting it as the spices and recipes are amazing. Mostly we have date nights, but every so often we get a food truck that the children get to enjoy too. Tonight was on of those nights. We are really lucky in that they are not fussy eaters and they do like a bit of spice in their food. Hubby tends to do the cooking for this, I am usually on hand to help chop veggies and mostly do the washing up, it works this way especially as its mostly a clean kitchen by the time dinner is served and kids have less after dinner clear up to deal with.

Tonight we had Korean Fried Chicken with Ssamjang and Kimchi Slaw. Hubby spent the afternoon preparing the food. Deep fried coated chicken in a sticky sweet and sour sauce, sushi rice, pickled salad veg, spicy slaw all on a bed of lettuce leaves. Our boy that does not really like salad veg yet was the first to finish, licking his lips and exclaiming how great it was. We all finished with very full bellies and no-one wanted a dessert – a very rare occurrence!

Korean Fried Chicken with Ssamjang and Kimchi Slaw
Korean Fried Chicken with Ssamjang and Kimchi Slaw

After dinner, we watched a movie. I can’t actually believe it but I introduced Hubby as well as the kids to Edward ScissorHands. I guess that’s what I get for being married to a man 12 years my junior, every so often I get to surprise him with a decent movie from “my day” ha ha. Everyone really enjoyed it, and our daughter, who is very into the Greek & Roman Gods and mythology declared it was “the same story as Hades and Persephone”. I cant wait to hear what her classics teacher has to say about that, but it was good listening to her reasons for it.

Anyway, its 8:30pm, I have been yawning my head off for ages (mostly due to an early evening glass of wine I am sure and nothing at all to do with a late night last night!), So I shall sign off for now and see you all tomorrow!

Enjoy your evening!

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10 thoughts on “Day 24, Saturday

  1. That meal looks delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had Korean food. I’d be willing to try though, so long as it isn’t too spicy. I’m wimp when it comes to the hot and spicy things.
    I haven’t seen Edward Scissorhands since “waaaaaaaaaaay” back in the day LOL.

    1. The food was lovely, the spices were very easily handled, only one bit slightly more on the tongue tingly side ?

  2. What fun with the food. I have never eaten Korean food either unless I did and didn’t know it. No spicy for us either. 12 years your Junior? That is so intriguing. I love the lists too. Fun reading.

    1. Yes we love spicy food, so lucky that the kids do too.
      Ha yes we are an intriguing pair ?
      Thank you!

  3. Oh I love the spread! I also love and know how they tend to take a life of their own 😀

    1. I know right, I am definitely getting more confident, this 30 day notebook challenge is really setting me free

  4. Ooh those pages are brilliant! Such a cool idea! I’ll have to go and check Amy’s blog! The dinner looks nice! I couldn’t watch Edward Scissorhands. It totally freaked me out!

    1. Thank you, I am intrigued to see how you handle the prompts. I posted it on my Insta and the prompt writer commented. I did a happy dance!!?

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