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Day 25, Sunday Art Day!

We had to get up early today, our daughter made plans to go out and see friends, and that meant we all got up for early breakfast, the plan was to have a decent walk, and enjoy the day. But for some reason, we both felt a bit Meh, so the walk suffered, which is to say, we didn’t go. I popped to Tesco for some supplies for this evenings meal, but other than that, we were properly lazy today.

Our son has watched TV for most of the day, Hubby has a new driving game for the Xbox, so that’s been put through its paces, he also has a funky app for his phone so he can have a “heads up” display for speed etc. Its quite cool, and its fun to hear people like Anthony Davidson via a game. I have spent the day play with art supplies.

Todays journal page, in the Archer and Olive notebook is a picture drawn by me, and coloured using Stabillo Carbothello Pastel Pencils. Hubby bought them for me for Christmas and today is the first time I have really had a proper play. I haven’t a clue how to use pastels so I had to listen to a YouTube video. It was really informative but I definitely need to play and learn some more. The notebook paper fared well with the pastel, but it doesn’t have much tooth so i guess it will ultimately just rub off if I don’t seal it. (hairspray??)

After this I decided to play with my ScrawlrBox that arrived yesterday. I absolutely love Watercolours, they are my first real art play time and it’s what started me off being an “artist” so when I opened the box I was excited. A set of 5 watercolour paints from Daler & Rowney, a Waterbrush from Derwent as well as some watercolour paper and a couple of chinagraph pencils. A watercolour white came as part of the set, one of the things I have learnt is a watercolourist doesn’t use white, you use water to create value. So I’m not sure why this is part of the set but I suppose it will allow tonal change rather than value change, but honestly I don’t think I am likely to use it very much.

The challenge is “birds of a feather” its sounds exciting and something I can get my teeth into. These are all of the images I have created using the kit today.

Also, I remember I have paid for membership to The Watercolour Academy, but I haven’t really enjoyed the teaching style so I have ignored it quite a bit, however I signed in today and did this lesson albeit on silent and slowed down by 50%. The one thing I have learnt from her is that every colour can be mixed from the 3 primaries and so I am a lot less afraid to mix colour now than I was when I started. This is meant to be a soap bubble with reflections. I don’t think it looks like it, but I guess that’s my fault for not actually listening and just trying to follow the video silently. I did use the white to create the reflection whereas she used gouache, I couldn’t be bothered to go and get it, yes I was THAT lazy!

Well that’s it for today, everything is packed away, we have our evening coffee and the TV remote is on hand. Until tomorrow, TTFN!

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14 thoughts on “Day 25, Sunday Art Day!

  1. I haven’t done much either. Must be the weather! Your pictures are beautiful, especially the first one, if that was a print I’d buy it! I hope you’re all fired up tomorrow:)

    1. Aww thank you! I am considering putting some art onto redbubble or the like… Can’t decide if I am good enough really.
      Let’s hope I am too, I have so much to achieve, not least Karen Campbell starts a 5 days freebie fairy drawing course!❤️

  2. Love, love, love the rainbow feather. Also love the term “properly lazy” and am applying it to this weekend, as I have been feeling punched by my second COVID shot. Thanks for sharing your work!

    1. Ah thank you, I hope you soon feel on the up from the shot, I’m waiting for my 2nd one can’t remember how long I have to wait. Hubby is still waiting for a date for his 1st.

  3. ooh I love your feathers Donna! I also love your pastel pansies(?) I love pastel and I have the Carbothello ones as well as a few other types of soft pastels. You can get special pastel fixative, the one from Sennelier is a good one. Pastel paper is pretty expensive but you can try watercolour paper for practice since the cold press is quite toothy. Elle xx

    1. Ah thank you for the advise, it sounds like I need a trip to the craft store again ?

  4. I haven’t played much with pastels either. Your art is beautiful. Acrylics was my first love in art supplies, watercolour is a close second

    1. I started with watercolour and graduated to acrylic, I cant quite get the hang of goauche yet!

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