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Day 26, Sunday

I’ts been a family day today, in that we have all been home, and not much has been done. Usual late morning and “big” breakfast. Its been a grey but warm day. Hubby carried on with his workshop make, kids had computer/tv time. And I made a start on a new “Birds Nest”, when I said I made a start, I taped down a sheet of paper and fit it to the easel!

I popped to the supermarket for a few supplies, and by then the F1 was about ready to start. We spent a couple of hours watching the F1 and being sad for Lando Norris making a bad call with tyres, which gave Hamilton the win. We are genuinely happy a Brit is in the lead, it’s just we are not the best of fans of Lewis Hamilton. Norris is a great young driver with a lot to learn. But Max Verstappen getting 2nd place was a fantastic result and showed how good a driver he is despite the start position! Anyway enough about that, I bet very few of you are interested in that 🙂

After this I made our meal, which was a couple of recipes from the Simple Things September Magazine. What sounded like simple sandwiches has had us full for hours!

Our son is feeling much better today. I think a good nights sleep on top of a fever ridden sleep and a good dose of Calpol (kids medicine/paracetamol) meant he has slept a lot of it off. He has been so much more himself today. We will get him to do another test in the morning but I’m happy he is OK and its just a cold. Phew!

The only art I have I have achieved today is a DTIYS by an Instagram friend ZoeHartist

Here is my attempt, I used Arteza brush pens, and a Uniball Signo Broad. I am hopefully going to dry it digitally too. I was the first to post it on IG, so I take that as a win 🙂


We have just watched a Sky Arts show on Van Gogh. It was lovely to watch and great lead up to next weeks class we were are to be learning about the man, and I think doing a study on his work. I’m super keen for next Friday!

It’s Sunday evening so that means an evening watching TV (Whitehouse and Mortimer) and chilling ready for Monday morning. Neither of us are into fishing, yet this show is amazing! Two men, British comedians, in their 50’s/60’s who are just having a lot of fun living. They have both had health scares, maybe that’s why we like it, maybe its because they just tell it like it is whilst having a laugh.

And Away….

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5 thoughts on “Day 26, Sunday

  1. I saw your art on instagram, <3 I love how imaginative it is. Lovely that you got it done and posted before anyone else. Your whole day sounds relaxing and I'm glad that your son seems to only have a nasty cold. That sounds funny but you know what i mean…

  2. I haven’t watched racing of any kind in a while, was amusing to have it come back to me a bit. I would watch darned near anything – Indy, NASCAR, drag racing, dirt track… I know when I left the scene and sometimes I miss it. Glad you had fun today and that your son is doing better. Cheers!

  3. I don’t follow racing, but I know who Lewis Hamilton is because he has Grenadian roots! We are quite proud of him 🙂

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