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Day 6, Effy’s Blog Along

I genuinely have no idea what to write about today. The commitment to the blog is I post daily and read and comment on three others a day. I’m sure I’ve done more than that every day but they are all so interesting and diverse I don’t want to miss them. I feel that I don’t have much to say that’s interesting, so I’m wondering what to write. So as it’s still morning, I shall write my “to do” list and see what I can tick off when I come back here later. I have just read a blog posts about lists which inspired me to do this – Sorry!!

  1. Hubby is back WFH today. He has had a week off with us and its been lovely. A week of lazy days, the four of us plodding around together has been so wonderful but getting up at 6:30 am this morning was a bit of a challenge! I told the kids not to make an appearance until at least 9 am today. I dreaded going doing stairs to see what Mouse related mess there would be, but actually the cat & the mouse are ignoring each other. The cat is asleep, the mouse is nowhere to be seen, the peanut butter in the makeshift trap is firmly still in place.
  2. Quick visit to the supermarket for essential supplies at 8 am. Blimey its cold out there. We live close enough I could walk there and back with my shopping in 11 minutes (hubby timed me). Despite the brilliant blue sky and sunshine it was super cold and I noted that two cars in the car-park had obviously driven through a snow shower. That was a shock, but looking at the sky there was definitely a snow cloud heading this way.
  3. Write my postcards for my WAY group and get them sent out today.
  4. Do my daily art spread in my journal. I’m testing three notebooks and I really like today’s one the most so far, the Pitt Pens flow nice on the page. My doodles are a bit “babyish” but I don’t mind, I’m creating something for me!
  5. Package up my clothes returns parcel. I hate buying clothes online, especially jeans and ordering in a closing down sale is a bit of a gamble – it didn’t pay off and they need returning. The curse of the long legged woman strikes again! Darn, I wish I could order a “regular” pair of jeans just once and they would fit my legs!
  6. Have a website argument with the returns company, and schedule the collection / return multiple times so now I’m confused and don’t know if they are collecting or if I have to walk to the drop off centre!
  7. Read 3 blog pages & comment (think I’ve done 6 today…)
  8. Place an order for Nespresso Coffee. I cannot believe we have left it so long before ordering, we only have enough for 2 cups! Fortunately we also like tea (a lot) so we wont go thirsty.
  9. Daughter has just watched the final episode of Resident Alien, like us she is sad its the final episode. It’s been such a great series, though we are all happy they have commissioned another. We do love Alan Tudyks’ acting (we are introducing the Kids to Firefly as well…).
  10. Son is now released from Self Isolation , we got super lucky its happened at Easter as it hasn’t really bothered him – YAY he can go out – he is super excited, so to celebrate he is just going to play on the Wii…!
Daily Spread

Still to sort out

  1. Make some bread.
  2. Early lunch needed as hubby has a 1 pm meeting. Hmm what shall we have to eat today. (oh its 11:55 I better go and make it..!)
  3. Check the potatoes – can they be planted up yet?
  4. Do an art class, but which one – Wanderlust? LIfebook? Awesome Art School, so many choices.
  5. Ephemera – I have so much loose ephemera, I need to sort it out and make some journal pages from it, maybe watch a YouTube video to “remind me” what to do

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10 thoughts on “Day 6, Effy’s Blog Along

  1. Well, your blog post was worth the read that is for sure! Hope hubby enjoyed what you made for lunch!

    1. Ah thank you! And yes he did, he is now back to work and I get to check on the comments and leave the kids to play on the Wii and watch the TV 🙂

  2. Oooh you’ve been busy! And your spread looks great! I have bought too many art classes (life book/art for Earth) so now I’m paralysed with indecision lol!

    Glad your son is out of isolation! Yay!

    1. I didn’t buy Art for Earth as I have so many outstanding to do, but I did want it

  3. List making can be so soothing eh? I’m glad ylur son is out of isolation

    1. It was, I love making lists, initially I put them on a post-it note just to cross them off ha ha

  4. I really do enjoy your style, it really works for me and I’m sad resident alien has finished too but I’m hoping the ending means another series ❤️

    1. They have commissioned a 2nd series
      Thank you, that’s kind of you today x

  5. You’ve accomlished so much already in your day! I love how we can start with not knowing what to write then the day and thoughts take over. I loved spending your morning with you. Thank you! Curious as to what WAY is? Maybe it’s explained in a former post.

    1. Hi Sue, thank you. Yes I mentioned it in an earlier post. But WAY stands for Widowed and Young, a UK based peer support charity group for those widowed under the age of 50. X

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