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Day 8, An arty kind of day

Its Thursday 8th April and day 8 of the blog, I must admit its tough thinking what to write about everyday! So today it’s a little about the art I’ve completed today.

Firstly I have my own challenge for April where I am testing three journals with different mediums, one per day every day of the month. Day 8 is in the Mindful Giraffe notebook, and the test is the Ecoline Watercolour Brush Pens. I like the pens, I haven’t used them much but they are juicy and play well together as a watercolour pen, the question is how will the journal take it – especially as yesterdays was the Archer and Olive notebook that really didn’t like them too much. I found a tutorial online by Kim Dellow, who I have previously seen in a classroom somewhere (Maybe Life Book 2020, I can’t actually remember). Anyway I decided to go for it and do what I can with the pens, and just accept what the paper would do.

Ecoline Brush Pen Mindful Giraffe Notebook April 8th
Ecoline Brush Pen Mindful Giraffe Notebook April 8th

Well I am genuinely surprised! I used the pens as a pen, watered it down with a brush and even attempted some water drips and the pages gave me no issues at all! Of course there is a little buckling, that goes without saying, but the page held up well, no pilling at all, the pens went on easily, blended with each other, and dried nicely while allowing layering.

So onwards to the next art.

This time it was to do a pen test with new pens I received from Pen Pusher. Kuretake Zig Fudebiyori metallic brush markers in Gold, Silver and Black. I decided to test on black and white sheets. They are lovely and work well on both pages. I decided to also add some Gelly Roll pen doodles.

April 8th Pen Test
April 8th Pen Test

I decided to test them again, this time using Acrylograph pens. I know I’ve talked about them before but the pen just does nothing for me! They need to be shaken well before use, pumped to get the flow going and despite the little I used them I had to keep shaking and pumping the pens so the nibs are now frayed and scratchy, they are an expensive mistake. So the ZIG pens, awesome – the Acrylograph not so much.

April 8th Pen Test ZIG Metallic and Acrylograpgh
April 8th Pen Test ZIG Metallic and Acrylograpgh

After this I decided to go back to the free, time limited, subscriber course from Willa,.I only have a couple of days left to watch before I lose access (or buy the course when it goes out for the general public).

Colour Play - Finished
Mixed Media Colour Play

This was a fun piece of play using the “mother method” of colour work. Take a single colour, then slowly blend with black or white to get different tones, then add 1 other colour to the mix so everything is linked and is based off the mother colour. Then when done you doodle to your hearts content! I used black micron, white signo broad and ZIG silver and black pens,

After this, our son wanted to publish his latest page. He is so enjoying being a part of this and he is especially loving the comments people are leaving for him – I thank you all for helping! Owls are such a big thing in his life! He is also learning valuable technical and social media lessons that will help in his education.

Then it was tea time, I had remembered to sort the slow cook today, a family favourite Rogan Josh, although to say it was spicy was an understatement! We are all now enjoying the TV and letting our taste buds settle down. Nathan Fillion in Firefly is always good entertainment!

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4 thoughts on “Day 8, An arty kind of day

  1. I loved reading about your pen experiments. There is just nothing like finding a perfect marker or pen!

    1. So true, and equally frustrating when you spend good money on something you just can’t get on with ?

  2. I love to see other peoples results when they experiment with new products. It is so inspiring to encourage me to try different things with pens and journals. And you can never ever go wrong with Firefly!! (Browncoats Unite ?)

  3. What a very cool experiment. I love finding that perfect mark making tool and that perfect surface and combining them!

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