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I made another journal!

Sorry Not Sorry… But I’ve made another journal, filmed a flipthrough and popped it onto YouTube.

This time the inspiration for the journal came from Instagram /YouTube artist Francine of JunkJournalJoy. She showcased an Alice in Wonderland journal that I just fell in love with. The digital pack is designed and available to buy from VectoriaDesigns, Francine is also giving away an Alice themed sheet. So after getting the freebie and buying the pack (70% off with a code from her Instagram link) I decided to give it a try, however as I need to print the pack, I decided to use papers from my stash, I settled on mostly 12 x 12 Stamperia Imagine sheets I’ve had laying around for ages and some fabrics from the scraps drawer.

I spent around 5 hours Friday evening making the journal and I have to say I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I still need to embellish it further with dangly charms and maybe put another cover on so it has a closure and things like that (Francine shows how to do that in her video).

One thing that Hubby and I were shocked about, was how LITTLE wastage there was from the sheets, genuinely everything was being used, nothing bar some tiny slices of scraps came from the pads. Obviously it will be slightly different when I print the pack, as I will have to cut around and there is white space, but overall, for this journal I used everything!! I got through one glue stick and half a reel of double sided tape, but stash has been used so that’s good right, turn stash into a useable /saleable item.

On that note, I can definitely see how people can make and sell these, and given the amount of time I took to make it, I can now appreciate why they sell for the prices they do! This one I suspect could sell in the region of £30 and that’s not really taking into account the time factor. Add all the embellishments and really jazz it up with more internal embellishments, tucks, pockets, flaps etc and I could easily see it in the £50 range, again not really taking into account time/effort.

“Imagine” Junk Journal May 2021

Well what do you think to this? This time I filmed the flipthrough using my phone, I held the phone whilst trying to turn the pages, it was only meant as a test but I think it came out quite well, I definitely need to get a phone holder to try it again, it was so much easier and quicker to video, edit and upload to YouTube from my phone than the DSLR and editing software, but there are also limitations and I still had to go back to a full browser to edit the YouTube upload and add music as I forgot to do that via my phone. As a learning curve, the video malarky is steep but I’m getting there. One day I may end up doing process videos and even scarier voice overs… Arghhh well maybe not yet!!?

Let me know what you think of it, and as always what I could do better. Thanks for reading (and watching!)

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are my own. I paid for the products discussed, I received no payment and I am not affiliated in any way with any brand mentioned herein.

5 thoughts on “I made another journal!

  1. What a gorgeous book! I love, love, love all the pockets and flippy bits and the lace edges on some of the pages, oh my!! It makes me want to create one. Maybe one day when I have the time. I can definitely see how they would go for a lot of money if sold! Beautiful.

  2. Your journal is great! I really love it! The elements are great! The filming with your phone was a good idea. I can’t believe how steady your hand is! I’m looking forward to voice overs 😉

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