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Well its definitely been one of those days! The gorgeous weather of yesterday gave way to a morning of horrible rain. We went out for our morning walk and got drenched! Once we were home and sorted out, I settled down for a morning of artwork. Catching up on my Karen Campbell floral acrylics. We should have been painting weekly, a series of 9 Acrylic Tulips and I finished off the last 3 today. I have to say I enjoyed this series immensly.

I didn’t realise until I saw them all together here, but this is a really good example of the homework I was doing from last weeks college class, using complementary colours!

Now I’m caught up on this series I plan to get going on the Celtic Collective set, ive been so eager to start it, but didn’t want to until I was caught up on the other two clubs.

Tech has been a bit of a pain today. Our daughters Chromebook power-washed itself whilst she was trying to do homework, which has made me realise I need to backup mine, and what should have been a quick “how do we do it” has taken on an epic evening of research and oh crap we probably need to spend money as there is WAY too much stuff on the hard drive I would be devastated to lose! In the meantime I need to find some USB sticks … we have loads… but where, now that’s another matter!

I also made two birthday cards, as they are for family members I wont share them just yet, in case they are spotted before they are seen by their recipients! But I’m quite happy with them.

I also want to add that I feel desperately sorry for the residents in Tenerife that have had their homes destroyed by the volcano. I have been watching the live footage with as much awe and wonder at nature, as the sheer powerless feeling everyone there must be feeling watching their homes and livelihoods destroyed.

Tenerife Eruption September 19th 2021

Oh well, I better call it quits because its getting frustrating. I shall calm down by reading and commenting on some of the blogs in Effy’s blog along.

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7 thoughts on “Monday…

  1. I hear you, not the best Monday for me either, but there is always tomorrow!

    1. Effy, Celtic Collective is a new art club run by Karen Campbell and Lucy Brydon. Via website 1scot1not. All things Scotland ?

  2. These tulips are beautiful! Do you feel like your work is being informed a bit by Homework, or are you just seeing it more in the moment?

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