Oops I did it again!

So I missed another day, and therefore two days in one will be posted here. I’m sorry, it’s just been one of those weeks. Thursday I tweaked my back, and it really messed me up for Thursday and Friday, so I have had to take it easy.

Yesterday, day 17 was a college day. It was a really good day. The lesson was all about the colour wheel and complementary colours. For me, it meant I could further my knowledge. I have created many and use a colour wheel regularly, so it was nice at this time to be able to be confident in the day’s requirements. I made a wheel using acrylic paints and also played around with some colour mixing and tonal shading. The day was a long day, probably because it was revisiting a subject I know well, and because the course is aimed at beginners, so for me it dragged, but I did enjoy it even with that. It makes me realise that when we come to areas I’m not sure about I will have the space and time to really investigate the subject, and not feel rushed. I really didn’t take much in the way of pictures, I’m afraid.

Colour Wheel – Acrylic

Today, day 18, has all been about my homework.  I haven’t taken any photos, I should really… hmmm.. Okay, I’m going to do that now…

This one was all done in class, where we were investigating the complementary colour scheme and doing some coour mixing.

Complementary colour swatches

Now onto homework…. Our brief is to explore the complementary colour scheme, using citrus fruits. My exploration has mainly focused on the same design but using different mediums.

Citrus Fruit – Acrylic – Complementary Colour
Citrus Fruit – Faber Castell PolyChromos Pencils
Citrus Fruit – watercolour
Citrus Fruit Water Colour

Well I know its been a little brief. I will try harder tomorrow to be on the case and organised, I might even have something else to write… lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Until next time

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7 thoughts on “Oops I did it again!

  1. I love the citrus exercises. What I love the most is it opened me to a bit of an oversight when I did mine many months ago as an art exercise…I didn’t use many other ideas or designs. I took 1 photo and stuck to that reference and was very rigid in my approach. Interesting. Your approach has opened my mind a bit! Thank you!

    1. Ah I’m so glad it’s helped you! But I totally know what you mean. I felt very much that I was stuck on an image, but using the different mediums let me move around it a little….

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