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Rainbow Art Journal Pages

I buy a monthly journaling subscription from Kia.Creates and I noticed on her Patreon page that she was going to be taking part in a YouTube hop in March. As soon as it went live I took a look and was excited to see it was a journaling hop, with 6 other UK based journaling artists. I don’t consider myself a journaler, because I don’t “write” anything, but I do “Art”, so that makes me an art journaler right?

The hop is a “rainbow journal”. Each artist produces a spread based on one of the rainbow colours:

Today the sun is shining, the kids are off school as its half term, its the last day of March, unusually warm, and we are in the garden enjoying the sounds of spring all around us. So I found myself a homemade journal, in fact its the one I’ve been playing at this years Sketchbook Revival in. I found myself 8 clear pages and then sorted out my supplies. Washi Tapes, papers and stickers, many of which are from my subscription packs from Kia. I also found postcards from my stack of Puffin and Penguin book cover postcards that are colour related and used them as my starting point to create my own pages. I spent probably about 2 hours all told, so not very long when I consider how long some people spend on their spreads, but this was good for me and I get to do Art in the garden with the sun beating down on me!

I really enjoyed putting this together. I can’t thank the artists enough for giving me the ideas, I definitely will review their videos again and try and do spreads of differing styles in the future. But for me this is a style I can work with, it doesn’t need to “tell a story” as such, I don’t need to “write” about something, and it fulfils the “art” part of my day. And if I did just one spread then I could put more into it if I wanted, or make it more meaningful. I like what I’ve achieved, I’ve told the story of colour and found things that relate to that colour and in my opinion, because after all that’s what its all about, I have achieve 7 pages that look really good.

Thanks for reading – I’d love to know what you think of these pages!

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5 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal Pages

  1. I love your color pages!! And I really like the idea of a jumping off spot for the days when maybe you are out of ideas ha ha.

    1. Yay thank you, I’m so new to this I need that jump spot all the time ha ha

  2. I love the idea of each page done in a single color. And you did beautifully! Thanks for the link to the YouTube site.

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