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Day 16, Quick Hello

Just a quick hello this morning to say Hi. Guess what – we have PLANS for today!!! Hubby has the day off work, so we have shipped the children off out the door to school, and we are going OUT….. IN THE CAR… Together…. Somewhere OTHER THAN the village for a walk… Oh my golly gosh we are excited. We have charged up the cameras, the car has petrol, and we are readying ourselves for a walk, probably to the beach. Wish us luck!!

Breakfast Council meeting was held, and it was agreed upon that this could happen, because the Chairman is looking forward to an EMPTY house all day so that he can sleep!

Chairman of the Council

I may post again later with my daily art which I will have to do this evening.

A little piece of colouring from last night was a free doodle page from PenPusher.

Alphadoodle from PenPusher

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4 thoughts on “Day 16, Quick Hello

  1. That sounds delightful! The beach! Glad you got the all important okay from the Chairman of the Breakfast Council first though. Lol. Great photo! <3

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