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Day 27, Art Play, Seaside and Menopause

Today I have had a good day at the art table. I feel like being creative every day really is starting to pay off and I am becoming more able to take an idea and run with it in my own way.

Art piece number 1 was from a freebie by Artful Haven. I accept that I used her downloads and followed pretty closely with this one, but I was feeling pretty rubbish all morning from Menopausal Nausea (does anyone else get this?) and I needed to take my mind off how I was feeling so I just watched and played along in my homemade junk journal. I really enjoyed the lesson, and then added a little extra to it when the video was finished.

Art piece number 2 was inspired by a YouTube video by Art_Journal Love. Just a quick bit of magazine and acrylic play. I grabbed what was nearby and made a page – I have to say I am super happy with this one, inspired by the OP but definitely my page.

We popped out today for a long lunch, I mentioned in a previous post how we are looking at a holiday home near the coast. Well we went to see one today, its 45 mins from our home, but on one of the best (but most crumbly) of Norfolk coast lines. It’s not somewhere I have been too recently, so it was nice to take hubby to a new place he hasn’t been to. After viewing the property, which was nice but probably not for us, we took a walk to the beach. It was a bit windy – can you tell? I couldn’t see to take the photo let alone check that I “looked OK”. But we managed to get 1.8 mile walk done whilst we were there, then had to get home as hubby had to get back to work and we had to be home in time for kids to get out of school!

Art piece number 3 is my day 2 lesson in the Karen Campbell Fun Fab Fairy drawing. It’s a 5 day drawing class, where we are being taught in small stages how to draw a fairy sitting on a mushroom, and in true Karen style – its awesome! Here are my day 1 and 2 progress pictures. We will be adding a little bit to the picture each day.

Menopause : If anyone has any tips for coping with the morning nausea feeling I would be very grateful! I was unfortunately never pregnant long enough to experience the joys of morning sickness, but I am getting it every day now and its rubbish! Some days worse than others, I am noticing a pattern i.e full moon, change HRT patch etc. I drink peppermint tea as soon as it starts and it lasts a couple of hours. It would be nice if it would go away though!

That’s all folks …..

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8 thoughts on “Day 27, Art Play, Seaside and Menopause

  1. I like long lunches and walking on the beach. How nice to be buying a house near the beach. I like your art. I’ve never created anything like that. It’s intriguing.

    Never had nausea with menopause but I got on hrt and really didn’t experience menopause because of some other conditions. I hope this stops for you soon.

    1. We have missed long beach walks, so it’s nice to do it again now. And we have a purpose too so that helps. Thank you re my art that’s nice to hear. I am a bit of a “jack of all trades” when it comes to art

  2. Wow your pages are fabulous. Especially the second one! I think your fairy is coming along well, I’ll look forward to seeing it’s progression. Try dry crackers before getting out of bed, it worked for me so that might help?

  3. Love your pages, that girl in your art journal looks so happy to be there! Can’t wait to see your finished fairy too. I need a house by the beach, I used to have one with the sea at the bottom of the garden and I need to have that again, so I hope you find yours. For general nausea, try ginger, flat ginger ale, crackers, stewed apples, or herbal tea, always works for me when I feel ill.

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