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Day 26, Monday List day

I started the day off by making a list of all the things I NEED to achieve today, over and above all the things I normally do on a daily basis. I achieved about 50% of it then decided it was time to Art 🙂

Today’s art journal page has been done in my Mindful Giraffe Notebook. Its another pastels page, I decided to combine it with this weeks #scrawlrsketch prompt. I must admit I enjoyed doing this, I am new to pastels and its taking some getting used to working with it. I need to find a good way to blend, I am using cotton buds and they are a little scratchy on the paper. I like how I used the white at the end to create the highlighted lines on the umbrellas I think it gave a sort of metallic sheen because it picked up the tones of the colours underneath.

April 26th Journal page Pastels & ScrawlrSketch Umbrella
April 26th Journal page Pastels & ScrawlrSketch Umbrella

And just for fun, and because it seems compulsory to have a picture like this in the art room.

Max wants attention when I am trying to photograph my work
Max wants attention (read that as food!) when I am trying to photograph my work

Just a quick page today I am afraid. Kids are home from school, homework is being done and I need to carry on with my chores.

I cant quite believe that we are coming to the close of the month long blog-along. I have really enjoyed doing this, I have nothing yet lined up as a challenge for May. I am sure it wont last and I will find something to keep me occupied, but nothing in the mix at the moment.

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoongood evening, and good night

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4 thoughts on “Day 26, Monday List day

    1. I know right 🙂 He does such a good line in “feed me I am starving, I may weigh a tonne but you haven’t fed me in 3 minutes come on its time to do it again”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a productive day! Loving those umbrellas! Max is beautiful!

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