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Day 28, Fairy and Superhero

Its late, I’m watching TV with hubby and I realise that I have almost missed the day’s blog! Oh No, I cant miss it this late in the month, so I think this will be a quick jotting today – Sorry!

Today’s art journal page is a quick drawing in the Archer & Olive notebook with Gel Pens.

Art piece no 2 is the Karen Campbell Fun Fab Fairy. I took progress photos, one when I finished drawing and the second one when I finished the watercolour. I painted her using Derwent Graphitint watercolours that I received in a recent Scrawlrbox subscription.

Then I took a zoom class with a group from my peer support group from WAY, one of the ladies is setting up virtual training courses for her company and she needed testers for a course. We got to draw along to a video. Here is my version, I plan to colour them tomorrow.

waywoc superheros

“You Didn’t Think I Forgot About You, Did You?”

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14 thoughts on “Day 28, Fairy and Superhero

  1. Great Fairy, great superheroes and I especially like the mushroom, the gills especially look really good. Definitely can’t miss a day now when we are so close to the end lol

    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed the lesson. I know right, so close must not fail now ?

  2. You are so good at blogging this month! I am struggling just at the end now….oh, well, still time to get something done for today if I’m quick.
    Love your drawings! Great work. xoxo

  3. I love your fairy and your April 28th picture. So pretty. I’m glad you didn’t forget to blog. I enjoy reading what you write.

    1. Ah thank you! I’m wondering what’s going to happen after the month end, how often we will all achieve our blogs

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