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Day 29, The Penultimate Day!

Today has been a pretty good if an easily distracted day. I spent a reasonable amount of time making a journal pages from the Lollipopclub Subscription boxes. I had no need to be doing this, I’m just making them, but it’s arting and I enjoyed myself! I’m afraid I don’t have photos as I plan to do a flip-through at the end.

Art piece number 1 is my Journal page. I went for a sunflower and Bee theme, using gel pens in my appropriately named Swarm of Bees notebook from Mindful Giraffe. The pens wrote beautifully on the paper and I enjoyed doing the page.

I coloured my Superheroes from yesterday. Using metallic coloured pencils, I’m not super happy with them but they are not bad for a first effort

After this I picked up on Karen Campbells live from last night where we drew a female face and coloured using alcohol markers. I do enjoy Karens classes and I seem to work with her style easily.

Today’s live with Karen was pretty exciting – she mentioned me and how she would love to do a zoom call with me!!!! How exciting is that! 🙂 Karen is a great teacher and I have learnt so much from her. Her style is so easy to follow and she makes me laugh SO much! Whilst listening to the live, I drew today’s picture from the 5 day challenge, it’s another fairy female face. This picture doesn’t show it but I drew this on A4 paper, I usually draw on smaller A5 size. I followed the reference pretty closely and I feel I should have added some more fairy detail but its been a long day and I need to have some downtime.

“Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready For My Close-Up.”

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6 thoughts on “Day 29, The Penultimate Day!

  1. Ooh you’ve been busy and you’ve done some lovely paintings! How cool that Karen said that! Wow! I love the lady at the end too ! One more day left!

    1. Whilst there is usually a sweet in it, it’s actually a lot of papers and die cuts for journalling ? my daughter also wishes it was full of sweets

  2. Wow the fairy is gorgeous and I love the bright yellow of the bee page (incidentally my nickname for my youngest kid is BumbleBee).

    1. I love drawing whimsical and fantasy. I absolutely love Bees. It’s my thing, and has personal meaning. I have a bee tattoo on my back in memorial to my late husband. ❣️

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