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Day 30, I did it!

The Blog-along – a summary

So April has been an interesting month! I participated in Effy’s blog along where we had to blog every day for 30 days, the commitment to the challenge was to read and comment on 3 other blogs. I have really enjoyed the commitment to writing something every day, I have surprised myself that I have done it, and I am wondering what my commitment to this will be going forward! I am sure no-one will want to hear from me every day, but hubby said creating a schedule will be good for me and my readers as we will all know when I am likely to post, that’s a good idea right?!?! I have to say that every blog I read was interesting and inspiring, I genuinely will carry on following the blogs and commenting. I have never done anything like this before and it has been a fun and interesting month, I feel I’ve made some internet buddies too! Its been such a good month.

My Art Challenge

I have also been doing my own art challenge this month where I have made use of 3 notebooks I bought and tested each of them using different mediums. It’s been interesting and a bit stressful too coming up with my own designs for the day, but to put the books through their tests and made decisions on what they and I do and don’t like has been fun. The books vary in price and quality, and I do feel I have a clear winner of the “won’t buy this again” category, and maybe a less clear “this is my favourite” category! I will be posting a full review on each book in the coming days so watch this space!

My daily journal page today was completed whilst we had an hour in front of the TV watching Castle before the kids came home from school – I know a bit cheeky but that is what a holiday day is for right ? Today was done in the Scribble and Dot notebook.

The Fairy

Here is today’s Fairy coloured with Alcohol Markers, I copied yesterdays and then just put the markers over the top of the copy version, so its not on the right paper, but its OK its come out not too badly as far I am concerned.

May Challenges I am considering
Other News

Hubby had the day off work today, he spent time working in the garage. He is making new furniture for our sons bedroom, so this morning was very bizarre. I had the house to myself, in utter silence and it was blissful. I vacuumed right through, I pottered with some other bits and bobs of housework and I sat at my desk and caught up on email admin in silence!!! No radio, no hubby chatting on the phone, no hubby chatting to me. Just the cat occasionally mewing for attention, and hubby occasionally coming in to say hi and show me the latest bit of his creation – he is very clever. I know this all sounds boring and weird but… this is possibly only the 4th time since March 2020 that I have been IN THE HOUSE ALONE!!!! It was heaven. I was able to do what I wanted without having to worry or consider another member of the family and I truly have forgotten what that feels like. I love him being here, and I will miss this when he eventually has to return to the office, but I do miss my space too. So I chose to have silence, tea and biscuits (I made them for hubby too) and catch up on housework and email admin and some art time.

I received a delivery from Pen Pusher and so I needed to test that out. It’s a Parallel Pen made by Pilot to do “fancy writing”! Its such a lovely pen, I’ve wanted to be able to write like this since I was a girl in high school, maybe now I can actually find time (ha ha) to try to do it.

I’ve just had the BEST surprise this evening! My amazing husband has had a T-shirt made with my brand logo on it! This photo I hope shows how genuinely happy I am about it.

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15 thoughts on “Day 30, I did it!

  1. Oh wow I’m loving the t shirt! And the fairy and the quote! Well done for completing the challenge! It’s been fun hasn’t it! I’m looking forward to the continuation of your blog!

    1. I know right! I had 2 years being alone after being widowed. It was the loneliest time but also it taught me so much about myself. I do crave the time alone now.

  2. I hope you will continue to blog. I have enjoyed your posts very much.
    What a lovely surprise from your hubby.
    Loving the fairy, she’s so beautiful!
    In one of our rotations in high school we had an art class.
    The teacher taught us calligraphy. Just one font though.
    For our final project we had to write something in calligraphy
    on parchment paper. My sweetheart in high school could do
    it in a similar font to the one you did. I was always a bit jealous that he could.

    1. It was truly a fun and lovely surprise. Yes blogging is a thing now isn’t it, so I shall be back as they say ?
      I had a pen pal once that wrote all his letters in fancy writing, always jealous of him!

  3. Loving your fairy, she looks so awesome! And your leaves look great too and that t-shirt! How sweet of him. I’m glad you enjoyed your daily blogging, I really enjoyed it too. Elle xx

  4. Oh my, I would love to write like that!
    Yes I intend to keep following blogs I have come to love reading each day and hopefully next time I get everyday done!
    I think the schedule idea of your hubby’s is a great idea moving forward.

    1. I know right isn’t is gorgeous, I have a lot of learning to do!
      Yep I think the schedule is the way to go. Thanks for sticking with me ?

  5. Ooh I thought I’d commented! I love your art! Well done for doing the challenge! I’m considering the next challenge too…..:) happy May!

    1. Lol, I have definitely gone to posts twice and commented too, but hey I’m not complaining ?
      Yay it’s May and I don’t “havex to write today… But I probably will ha ha

  6. Woo! We made it! I’m really glad you’re going to keep blogging. I’m thinking of a schedule, too, because every day is a bit much long term. I’ll be looking for your posts.

    Love the notebook experiments and your shirt. What a great surprise! And now I have to try to *not* order any of those pens. 😀

    1. Lol I’d love to know if you succeed in “not” ordering the pen. Thank you for sticking with me.

  7. Yay you did it!! If I can remember to come to the different blogs I want to keep reading people’s, maybe I need to create a bookmark folder for them.

    I love parallel pens! They make calligraphy so much easier.

    I’m looking forward to your art journal book review.

  8. Yay!! WE DID IT!!

    I love that you got a day mostly to yourself, and that t-shirt with your logo! What a thrill!

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