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Day 7, Website learning curve and some art!

So what should have been an easy day of reading blogs and writing my own blog turned into something else entirely.

One of the blogs I follow since joining the blog-along, has a “blogs I follow” link – “Wow that looks cool” I thought, “I wonder if I can do that” closely followed by “Oh that’s exciting they have me listed, but why is my page not linking properly, and why isn’t my picture showing?”. This then followed several hours of frustrating times of trying to work out whats wrong with my website, a steep learning curve into our managed website hosting system (my IT Manager had to go to his day job office today, and so I had to do it alone!) after several attempts to resolve I couldn’t, so I decided to chill and do some art.

Firstly was to play with my master board/sketchbook I created yesterday following a newsletter from one of the Sketchbook revival artists Helen Wells and add more things to it.

A comment on one of my earlier days posts reminded me that I enjoyed Book of Days last year, and I haven’t finished all the classes, so I chose one to do and getting my journal only to find I had already started it and I just needed to get back into the zone and finish it. Iris is a great teacher, she has a really unique and free way of working. I found that I deviated from the class a little, but it makes my piece mine right?

Our son decided he wanted to sit in Dad’s chair today and “be all professional and keep you company“. No problem but what will you do? “I’m going to respond to the ladies that sent me a comment on my first page, and maybe write a new page!” OK great, just let me know when you want help and I shall be there. I’m really pleased to say he needed very little help and the page uploaded without problem. You can see it here and he would really love it if you were to read and comment on it.

I then moved onto another Book of Days piece, I completely got into the zone with Sarah Trump and playing with watercolours to create a fabulous background before adding more detail. Its pretty much finished.

Hubby got home from work and we all had lunch (I know, all this by lunch time!!). The kids are now off playing Roblox for the afternoon, Hubby is on a zoom meeting and I’m back on trying to fix the website issues. Its funny how many things I am actually finding wrong, but its also good because it means broken links are being located and fixed. Fortunately The IT Manager has been giving me assistance from the other side of the room and we think we have fixed it all issues we know about. It also means that one of the blogs I follow is getting a high traffic flow today, I hope you don’t mind Cheryl, but I thank you for highlighting the issue without you realising it! Now if you could just tell me how to add that “blogs I follow” side bar that would be awesome!

As for the rest of the day – I just need to go and read some blogs and comment on them, finish the crochet I started yesterday from the crochet summit (I made notes and now cant get back to the video as I am not paying for VIP access, so I’ve got to work out how to make a matching mitten without a pattern…anyone any good at reading/making patterns??), do my April page in my notebook – and you know sort out an evening meal, socialise with the family, get the boy to scouts…. it’s all go around here!

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13 thoughts on “Day 7, Website learning curve and some art!

  1. Ooooh I’m glad you got it fixed! And the way I got the blogs I follow was by adding widgets, I had to change my theme to one with columns first! Then go to widgets. I’m sorry for highlighting an issue! But thanks for the shoutout!

  2. Wow you’ve been so productive with your art so far. I haven’t even started the April unit and although I watched some of Sketchbook Revival I haven’t created anything yet! About the blogs I follow widget, it’s a jetpack thing, so if you have jetpack installed on self-hosted, you should be able to access it, but it was originally designed for If you don’t want to add jetpack (some people say it’s slow) you can add widgets to recreate the same thing manually.

    1. oh thanks for the info, we are self hosting, and have jetpack, but cannot seem to get the widget, Im sure its just a knowledge thing. Will keep looking tomorrow , thankyou

  3. Sounds like a day well spent, I’ve been meaning to pop into the crochet summit myself but I haven’t made it yet❤️

  4. aaaah I see you too are blessed to have a husband that can help with the tech issues lol I am glad you are fixing it, it gives a good feeling beneath all the frustration 😉

  5. I love seeing glimpses of what you’re doing in BOD! <3 Thanks for sharing that. And oh, tech woes. They are such a pain in the butt.

  6. what’s the mitten like Donna? Is the top different from the bottom (back of hand and palm) if not, then just make another one the same and turn it upside down? 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for asking! its a fingerless mitten, it using (US) Half Double Crochet in back loop and Front post Double Crochet stitches all the way through to create the pattern, and has a gap for the thump, and the increase happens to shape the thumb but just on one side.

        1. Oh Yes I thin kit was, from the Crochet Summit, I didnt get to get a copy of the PDF for the pattern so I have been trying to finish with what I wrote down ha ha

    1. OMG that is amazing thank you SO much! This is amazing, I’ve joined her page now and have the PDF.

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