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I’m a YouTuber now too!

It’s been a while so I thought it best to come and say hello! After the month of April blogging every day I felt the need for a bit of a breather, but I do realise I need to keep my hand in and keep the habit of blogging going! After all that’s what it was all about.

So what have I been doing in my “down time”? Well I’ve been homemaking, and gardening and, of course, artwork! I have however taken my time over things and made a bit less than I had been doing. All round I seemed to need a breather. I will do a post showcasing some of the stuff I’ve been doing, including an art project with @owlsownerr that he was so proud of he took to school and his teacher gave him positive points for! More about that in another post soon.

But the big news today is

I created a YouTube channel!!!!

I made a video and uploaded it, which of course sounds incredibly easy, however I did not realise quite how much effort it all would take! I had to find video editing software (free of course for now so we chose VSDC Editor), then spend ages trying to learn how to use it, which also reads as “get hubby to help as I did something weird and my video was all pixelated”. But eventually we had a finished video, whoop whoop! but then was time for the fun of setting up the YouTube account. Oh that was “fun” in itself! I wont bore you but it’s there, up and running and just waiting to be picked up by the masses so I can become an overnight sensation and make my millions …… Ha ha ha well OK I am not expecting anything like that, but its kinda exciting to have my “brand” out there on that big bad platform!

The video itself, actually is showcasing a journal I have made. The journal is made in the style of the “Willa” journal from the course I have recently purchased from WillaWanders. I made the cover from a snippet roll made by the children during lockdown. The pages are made from papers from my stash. Then I have been buying up back boxes from TheLollipopBoxClub and so I have filled the pages with bits and pieces from two boxes “Good Vibes” and “Winter Wonderland”.

Well thank you for coming back and reading my page, if you like the video I’d love you to head over give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel (yeah I really am expecting the £ to come rolling in soon…!) All joking aside, I’d love feedback as to what I can do to improve my video making and editing skills, and generally what you think about it.

Of course a massive thank you to My Hubby for all the tech support and website teachings. I have to say that his WFH situation is a massive help to this budding Social Media Mogul. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “I’m a YouTuber now too!

  1. Oh wow you’re really getting into it! Loved the video and subscribed. I can’t think of anything helpful simply because I failed in my YouTube channel, and it stressed me out lol

  2. Well done on all the things Donna, making a video, starting a channel, working out the software etc and of course, making the journal, it looks fab! Elle xx

    1. Thank you, it’s such a huge learning curve, but I’m feeling really good about trying something new ?

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