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Kelpie Man….

Today has been a nice quiet get things done day, the sun has been shining, the weather a glorious September sunny warm day, once the fog cleared. So what have I achieved…. a lot of “nothing”.

We went for our 4 mile walk this morning when the grey mist was heavy and the sun struggling to warm up and break through. By the time we got home however it was just about managing it. After that I really struggled to get going. I spent a good hour just deleting emails. Such a waste of time, but I did get it to under 5000 unread… I know I should just delete everything but then what if I need one of those I havent’ read…?

I popped to Tesco, its a quick walk from our house, so 15 mins there and back and thats done, back to more email deletion ha ha.

We sat outside for lunch, by then the sun was shining and very warm, and it was really lovely to sit outside and enjoy the lunchtime.

After lunch I seemed to find my mojo and actually got some art done.

I chose this piece from the Celtic Collective club. This is a collaborative club between artists Karen Campbell and Lucy Brydon. They are great friends and share a love of all things Scottish. For this piece I drew him in pencil, and used Karin Markers watercolours in primaries to make all the other colours, then used black India ink to outline and paint his hair. I’m actually pretty proud of him!

Kelpie Man

After this, the kids came home from school and the evening started its round of homework (them) and food preparations (me).

I also played with my pyrography tool to make holes in papers to create a piece for The Ugly Art Club, I had seen a post in the Facebook page that someone else had done with the tool, so of course I needed to play. This page has the paper with holes in, a piece of batik material and a lot of Posca pen marks, as well as some hexagon shapes that I purloined from @owlsowner from a recent game he had bought.

Well thats about it for today, I’ve definitely not been in a “get things done” headspace, and I am feeling a night on the sofa watching TV with hubby is on the cards.

See you tomorrow!

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10 thoughts on “Kelpie Man….

  1. I have a soldering iron, that I am yet to use, and I want to use it to maybe make holes in paper, but I haven’t researched the safety aspect yet. As for e-mails, I literally cover my eyes and mark all as read, I had around 8K at the start of the year – now I am a respectable 395 mails haha. PS: Kelpie man reminds me of the Ah-ha guy, can I say he is attractive? He is.

    1. Yes I can see what you mean in the ah-ha guy.
      I saw an IG reel yesterday where someone was making holes using in Yupo paper… I may have a try ☺️

  2. Your Kelpie Man is awesome! LOL, I unsubscribe to alot of stuff these days due to too many emails that really are just spam.

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