Oops missed a day

So catching up now with a quick post before I head to college!

I’m so sorry I missed yesterday, unfortunately I tweaked my back whilst out on our walk in the morning so the whole day was spent keeping myself steady and settled, whilst in pain. Hubby was is lots of meetings so I was able to spend the day at my art desk. Which meant I stayed relatively still. But by the time the evening came around I was in agony. Hubby massaged my back for me and I flaked onto the sofa and had TV time and a relatively early night, which was fine till 5am and I was awake with the owls!

Anyway here are some pictures of the journal I made. I’m hoping to get it onto Etsy soon. It’s a cute little thing made using just what I could find in easy reach. It has a total of 48 pages, and I’ve added lots of stickers and tags even a pocket on the last page.

Catch you later!

9 thoughts on “Oops missed a day

  1. That’s a gorgeous journal! It makes me feel like faffing about with papers now. I hope you’re feeling better.

  2. That’s a super cute journal! I’m so sorry about your back. Ouch! I hope it gets better very quickly! <3

  3. It must have been a day for back problems, I did something to mine too. Hope you are on the mend and college is going well. Happy Blogging! Elle/EOTC xx

    1. I am feeling better today, thank you, I hope you are too, back pain is the worst!

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