Social Media Free Day

What a day, I genuinely took a day off social media. OK not a complete 24 hours, but most of the day. I didn’t use my laptop for anything. Everything I did today was done in the spur of the moment, listening to the radio or a podcast. Artwork, sewing and journal making as well as cooking hubby’s favourite evening meal.

I wasn’t going to write the blog because I was just not feeling it, but I made a promise to blog, and I was just being lazy. So I apologise in advance in this becomes a little brief. I am writing whilst watching TV “Jays Yorkshire Workshop” which is a great show, and just like I want to do all art I see, hubby wants to try all the woodworking we see on the show.

So today I made myself a new journal, it will be used for my college course. I made it from used watercolour papers that I want to reuse; the cover is made from a collage sheet covered in fabric and has a ribbon added to tie it closed as well as an added gem charm dangle for detail. The point of the journal is to use it for paint brush rubs before rinsing in the water. I hate to waste paint, and this gives me new pages to doodle on at a later date.

I also made a new face mask for Hubby and altered an existing one, I don’t have photos, we all know what a mask looks like, I try to make Hubby’s with funky fabric and today its an Avengers logo.

This morning I was going to sort out a large sheet of art paper onto the easel and I planned to put art tools nearby, set it up in the lounge and tell the family to doodle, scribble, comment whatever, whenever, for as long as we wanted, and one day we would call it “done” and see what the family could come up with. Instead I scribbled on it with Sharpie pen, I left it a while and then I decided to use acrylic paints to fill in the gaps. And I couldn’t stop. Everyone seemed to love what I did so I found an old photo frame and “framed” it. Its now on the wall! Oh and it was an A3 sheet (i rarely used that size).

Not bad if I do say so myself. It wasn’t planned, but I felt so genuinely creative and happy with the finished piece.

I will setup the easel for the family another time 🙂

For tea I made Hubby’s favourite meal, a Lasagne. Its been ages since I made one, and it was pretty scrummy if I do say so myself.

I’ve just realised today has actually been a good day for doing things I wanted and enjoying doing it.

Well tomorrow is college day, I’m quite looking forward to it. Its another day of playing with acrylics and textures.

Hope everyone is well

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One thought on “Social Media Free Day

  1. I love the idea of that journal! I think I will try something similar. I really hate wasting paint too. Love that piece of impromptu art too, Gotta love it when inspiration strikes!

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