What a day….

And no it is not a good one.

It started out OK, everyone up and ready for school/work without a hitch. Kids sent off, we went for our walk. Got home after a good brisk walk to find that the Lateral Flow Test that had been done by our boy as a “you are OK but you better do it anyway” has returned as a positive. So we start to rush around in mad panic, calling the school and arranging to go and get said boy from school. I still haven’t got out of workout gear. The school nurse says to a worried boy “I think mum has just been to the gym”… “err no she just goes walking everyday with Dad” came the thoughtful reply. He comes to me and before we even get of of reception he is in tears because he has a positive COVID test. I comfort him and tell him everything will be fine. He does another test once home and again it’s again positive… shit this cannot be happening! Anyway whilst I was off getting him Hubby was getting all the relevant information to what we do next. He has to have a PCR test done at an official COVID test site. So that got booked and off we go, but fortunately not before a shower and a change! Before we went he sent an email to all his teachers for today apologising that he wont be at school and could they please send him some work. It was a 20 min drive, we were done and through pretty quickly and back home before 11am. Some more emotions were had, but overall everyone was pretty calm about it. At this time the request is for the rest of us to do daily lateral flow tests and for our daughter to remain at school unless she gets a positive. So that’s where we are. One of us that has what looked like nothing more than a cold, is potentially COVID. Honestly he is looking sound and feeling a lot better and more like his normal self, so hopefully we have escaped lightly. We hope. We are waiting for the official result, 24-48 hours before we will know.

After all the running around, our day went back to homeschooling, and me making contact with as many known people that need to know as possible. Bang goes Scouts and Tennis for him. My haircut tomorrow is off. Possibly my college on Friday. Hubby is not going to the office this week. And yet its fine for Daughter to stay at school. It doesn’t make sense, and yet it does. We know it’s in the school, we know it was at Scouts last week. It was only a matter of time. But DAMN we have worked so F***king hard to keep everyone safe.

And to top it all my art Instagram account has been hacked!!!!! I have been logged out and the account disabled. I’ve had to go through the hoops to prove my identity, and yet its not been returned and I am without it for my art for at least 24 hours.

I hardly dare say it but what else can go wrong…. I’ve not achieved any art today. I’ve been crying on our daughters shoulder because I haven’t kept everyone safe and her brother is ill. She held me tight and told me it will be OK, and then hubby came along so she could let me be looked after by him. I know it will be OK. But when you are not their birth mum, there is an even bigger sense of responsibility for keeping them safe, and when you’ve been through what we’ve all been through, we just don’t need this sort of stress.

Oh I’ve just remembered the other thing that’s gone wrong today. My tablet has 2 power charge slots… one has stopped working.

Please … please let that be the end of it today…..

Here’s a picture of an owl just to make me feel better.

photo of ural owl
Photo by Erik Karits on

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7 thoughts on “What a day….

  1. Oh no, hang in there, there is light at the end and hopefully fully fit family. Love your owl pic. xoxo

    1. Thank you, yes at the moment it’s still just our boy that is ill. Everything is crossed that’s the way it stays x

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