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Day 19, Digital Art & Haircut :)

So I keep thinking about getting involved in digital art, its easy isn’t it, you just draw shapes on a screen and hey presto there is an image!. Well..that’s what I thought, but the reality is a bit different. I bought Affinity Designer for the windows laptop. I don’t have a drawing tablet, so its a mouse and cursor click all the way. Add to it that finding tutorials that are at such a beginner level (I haven’t used design software very much if at all before). Apparently Ipad and Procreate is what I should be using, but I’m not spending several hundred pounds just to find I don’t get along with the subject. Anyway, yesterday I found a web page with a tutorial on it, so I have given it a go. Several hours and a LOT of cussing later I have a finished picture. Yes I have learnt a lot, I definitely want to learn more, the software is vast, can do so much and is confusing when you are reading a tutorial for Ipad! It may not become my regular art form, but I do definitely want to learn and use this much more.

So here it is, what do you think for my first “real” picture design.

VW Beetle
VW Beetle

Other than this I have also completed my day 19 notebook page. The test this time is with Sharpie pens. I was not quite feeling it this morning, and I went for easy peasy doodles. Im not happy with my page, but for a change its not the fault of the paper, its all down to my lazy design.

April 19th a&o sharpie
April 19th a&o sharpie

I saw a quote on Instagram today, and I just had to borrow it and write it for myself, the timing was perfect as today was HAIRCUT day!!! “I don’t have grey hair, I have Wisdom Highlights”

Wisdom Highlights
Wisdom Highlights

Thats it for me today, I’m off to find more digital art tutorials – after seeing the kids, dealing with the washing on the line, cooking tea, watching some TV etc etc etc!

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6 thoughts on “Day 19, Digital Art & Haircut :)

  1. Oh wow your digital art is amazing! I just cannot do it! I have tried and given up! I love the quote too! 🙂

    1. The quote was perfect for today. My wisdom highlights are becoming more obvious lol

  2. That is really good! Makes me want to head to the beach for sure.

    1. Thank you! I went Friday and loved every minute.
      As I drive a Mini I feel a little naughty drawing the bug.

  3. I’ve found that any digital program I try is a real learning curve and I’m very impatient! lol
    You’re doing great! I love that quote!

    1. I’m usually pretty impatient too, maybe I’m learning to slow down by doing all this art. Art is my therapy so it’s possible ?

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