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I’ve “sold” my first piece!!

Anyone that knows me, knows I have zero confidence, so not only am I doing a “thing” by arting, I’m doing an even bigger thing by putting it out into the big bad world for people to see it. Well recently, one of the pieces I have completed following a tutorial by Karen Campbell, got picked up by a peer in a Facebook group, and she requested her own version! OMG really, you want ME to create something for YOU?? Really, you mean that? Well apparently yes she did! So to prove to myself I could actually do it – I did! Yes, little old me, who is dabbling at art, actually decided to create a piece for someone, and they HAVE accepted it, and they ARE going to pay for it.

So as this is my first ever official “commission” I have decided that, not only do I not know how to charge for my work, I dont actually want to charge for it, because Its come off the back of a tutorial. So I have asked that they send a donation to a charity that is supremely close to both our hearts – Widowed and Young WAY – I sadly became eligible to join in 2013. Life has changed since then and I have remarried and have 2 amazing step children, but WAY remains an important part of my life, and that of my husband, and so many people, so it seems only fitting that I ask for donations to this amazing peer support charity.

Anyway – I’m sure you’d like to see what I have “sold” – so here it is

Baby Orangutan – Graphite Pencil

Karen Campbell has such an easy teaching style, I love her work and I’m learning so much, and I am truly thankful that she has given me the confidence to not only try to draw, but to show my efforts off to the world.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve “sold” my first piece!!

  1. That’s wonderful and just the most amazing feeling, I’m looking forward to reading more ❤️

  2. Congratulations! Well done! I can see why someone wants your work!

    I’m sorry you became a member of that group, but so glad you’re happy now!

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